Studio project 6

I’ve got the power! There is of course still only 7 hours of daylight today, but now I can get lamps.


And also, I’ve cheated and painted a corner of the room ahead of time. Moved some stuff upstairs. Lookee:


I’m being slightly ridiculous about this, because I’m using a jigsaw for some of the difficult cuts in the drywall around windows and collar beams, the dust is everywhere. So there will be cleanup and I swore I didn’t want to go that route with all my equipment.

Happy holidays to all of you who celebrate. I’ll see you on the other side! We’re off to do some shopping, as everything will be closed for 3 days here.


8 thoughts on “Studio project 6

  1. Det eser da herligt ud. Nyd det på trods af de korte dage.
    Og trods lukkede (irriterende) butikker, ønsker jeg dig og dine glædelig jul.

    1. Jeg under bestemt de ansatte tre dages ferie, det er mere det her med at få husket og planlagt det hele. Men, vi sulter nok ikke uanset hvad. 😉

      Og glædelig jul til jer.

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