Storage contraption

It’s been two years since we finished building my little studio – but the saw still lives right outside in the hayloft. I have some plans to turn the stable downstairs into a general workshop however, now that nobody lives in it.

Anyway – I wanted to show you a tiny little building project that I needed as part of my new cwm project: a rack for storing sticky paint panels. With 45° walls I don’t have a lot of hanging space, there’s dust to consider with slow drying items, and I only have the one work table, so laying out things in a row is not working.

Options: hang from the rafters or store in a mover’s box anywhere. Right now I have so many small test panels I need more racks already! How do you store wet paintings?

2 thoughts on “Storage contraption

    1. I actually got the idea from your sticks in a plastic container. My shelves are 50 cm deep, so I made each rack nearly as long – they are light, so I can slide them out to store the same number of panels “in the back”, two per layer or long narrow ones of course.

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