Spinning in the wild

Ok, I admit I didn’t really go much further than my own back yard. But it’s definitely a wilderness behind our garage! There’s a shed where we keep garden furniture etc, a huge birch tree and lots of very tall weeds. We’d cleared an area earlier in the week for burying my beloved dog, and I realized what a lovely, shaded peaceful place it is back there.

So I decided to visit with Max and spin a sample of Targhee fiber from Spunky Eclectic. I normally use my spinning wheel (who said I’m all about instant gratification?! Huhn? Oh, guilty I guess), but I thought I’d grab a spindle for a change. Going to make a mini skein for hexipuffs or something…

Finding this spot has reminded me to use more of our 10 acre property, not only for moving around when walking the dogs dog or riding, but also spend some time in different spots for inspiration, meditation and just reminding myself that I really like it here. I do get most of my colour scheme ideas from plants and the outdoors after all, and it’s just amazing to have such a library of input right on my doorstep!

Molly was too lazy to come (no, she’s not dead), so we did a small garden tour together instead, met some busy folks and enjoyed all the birdies chirping. Well, Molly tends to think they’re too noisy, so she has to yell at them a bit now and again, keep them in their place, like. They never listen.

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