Some days I do miss…

…working with horses. (My geriatric ponies just want the cookies, tricks are boring.)

Thanks to Katy for this link! To all of us who don’t ride as much as we “should”

3 thoughts on “Some days I do miss…

    1. Yes, this is a much bigger challenge for a young (or any) horse than some people might realize, they are flight animals with lightning reflexes. They are huge and strong and yet they let us to “anything” to them. This one looks like she is in good hands.

      1. Check out Lyndon Grey from Maine, she road a horse called Seldom Seen, who many thought to be ‘too small’ of a horse for dressage in the Olympics. There is a video of Lyndon riding Seldom Seen at his ‘retirement’ address. I worked for Lyndon here in Maine when she was training , years ago, when she ran Puckerbrush. it was about the same time as this dressage demonstration.

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