Procrastination project progress

Photography seems to be the main thing these days.

Time for another ramble! Must be either the humidity or hormones, LOL.

I was hoping that my new resolve about knitting would help me also generally get better at not having to do all the things all the time. Seeing it as having various picture making options in my toolbox, and instead work project oriented using whichever media each project requires. And I must say, it’s going pretty well. I don’t freak out if I haven’t painted for a month, I just follow the flow. In fact lately the flow has been getting the garden organized again now that we finally have a small pocket of nice weather.

Now, when I said I would work project oriented to free some time and calm the monkey mind, I didn’t mention the ginormous list of projects that I have of course. But you already knew that, if you know me just a little bit. 😉 I write down all my ideas, but I’m actually ok letting many of them hibernate or even just stay on the list. I feel that by aknowledging an inspiration that way I have already done part of the job, I’m saying yes to the ideas and in that manner inviting more to come.

Trying out an idea in Photoshop before ruining the canvas...
Trying out an idea in Photoshop before ruining the canvas…

Then the other day I had a really crazy-clever idea. I’ve often been joking that what I’d really like to do is just have ideas, design and plan stuff. Then I’d have staff to handle the actual production so that I could be free to attend to more ideas…. So, what is the low-grade version of this scenario? Well, since I’m basically tired a lot, and sometimes even more when it comes to actually digging into my creative projects after some time away from them, what if I simply left it at that? Sitting around getting a multitude of exciting ideas, do the colour samples, the sketches, the fantasies in particular – and just kept doing that bit and not bother produce them? I’d have SO much money available instead of buying wool and paints and I can do it while trimming the hedges… And maybe then I wouldn’t spend half the day clicking the interwebs because I’m too scared to start painting the idea I had last night after bedtime (very convenient to have them at that time, you can just pretend you’re sorry it’s too late).

It wouldn’t actually work of course, because I do like making things. And when I do get stuck, perhaps I should try to simply write down brain chatter as it happens, bringing the dialogue out instead of repeating it inside. Have a little discussion conversation with inner critic, the over-achiever and their little friends lazy-bones, obstinate and pitiful. I don’t know if they’d like to come outside like that, but it’s worth a shot. I wonder which one of them came up with the idea of only making brain art?

innerpeopleSo, am I still procrastinating my way through tasks, more, less, not at all, and how about energy levels? There’s room for improvement. And that’s mostly the voice of ms. perfectionist. If you ask me, I’m definitely on my way and the pace is just fine. The worst moments are, like I said, transitions between one type of activity and the next. I’ve never been very good at taking half an hour in between (or even a day) to be creative, if I start my day like that I know I won’t be able to stop, so lately I’ve been doing the chores that need doing first. And then I’m usually a zombie around 3 pm already and not in the mood. Once I get past the early summer hump of de-jungle-fying the property, I expect I can reverse the priorities again and save housework for last.


The 3 pm slump is the worst when it comes to making excuses, but for now I think I’ll just have to accept it unless I want all-day slumps again. Or all-week slumps. At least I’m getting pretty good at keeping myself in motion, even if it’s just remembering to water things in my greenhouse and brushing the dog. It’s still a kind of evasion from doing arts and crafts, but at least I don’t just sit and click. So it does seem to be working, I mean, things get done and I hardly have any lists. I rarely feel stressed and busy, I just potter about. And, well, I do have days when I can’t get my A into G no matter how many times I get up and start doing one little thing. But they’re fewer and I try to not feel overly guilty about it. This is where the small camera comes in, it’s hardly a chore to just walk around and click aimlessly.

The one thing system – no todo lists


What else have I been doing to beat procrastination?

Well, my interlibrary reservation list is down to 1! book and I’m not going to add more for a while no matter how tempting.

I practise finishing old wips to declutter both mind and house. Working on my featherweight cardigan and the pin cushions right now (ok, I had an excuse for the latter, I needed appropriate filling)

I do things that I know I can do – such as building tapestry looms. I have various simple designs that I want to try out. Got a few supplies, now I’m just waiting for someone to help me lift wood from the garage rafters 3 m up.

9 thoughts on “Procrastination project progress

  1. I once thought of becoming a novelist just so I could have my characters create wonderful art pieces that are too difficult for me to make in real life. Since they would be fictional, they could be as elaborate and expensive as I could imagine! 🙂

    1. LOL Great idea! I could write a book about a wonderful, charismatic, energetic and talented artist and teacher with the most beautiful house and studio, and describe all the amazing pieces she’s working on.

      1. She could make jewelry, saddles, and giant landscape installations all at the same time! Editors might say, “Um, we need a plot,” but all of us with more ideas than time would love to read it.

        1. How did you know about the saddles and the landscaping?! LOL Actually it might be interesting to do it – and see if a plot does evolve along with all the imaginary projects….

  2. “Brain arts” Det var da en original idé. Så skal man bare huske at skrive alle de genuiale indfald op, lave små skitser osv. En hel opslagstavle – eller nok snarere en hel væg – med lister og skitser og forarbejder. Det lyder som lige mig. Vi har lige været en uge i sommerhus, og der popper ideerne altid frem. Om det er havet eller hvad, ved jeg ikke, I år havde jeg glemt alt andet end mine strikkepinde, så det blev til mega mange tingfinderpunge, og en stabel ideer. Nu må jeg skrive en illustreret liste 🙂

    1. Faktisk er selve idefasen det som er det sjoveste for mig og giver mig et kick. Jeg bliver tit træt af ideen inden jeg når at blive færdig med at producere. Sikkert et eller andet “syndrom”, men sådan er det altså nogen gange. Måske er det bare et tegn på at ideen ikke var god nok.

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