Offroad oak

I’m trying to bend my brain to make something interesting with this old fella. Time of day, weather, b/w? Close or far? I’ll have to visit more often. Probably would look great in pen and ink, but that’s not one of my strong points….

A project worth putting on my todo list I think (the oak, not the ink)? After I finish my weather paintings perhaps (getting there!). Sometimes I need a bit of time with a subject or a few reruns to get to something interesting, but all too often I just shoot the once instead of going deep. I’ll try to push that a little bit and see what happens!

Probably not until I get my computer running smoothly again (we have a plan, it just needs to happen), I’m getting fed up with PS crashing as soon as I import more than 2 files, sometimes I even have to reboot during processing of the one! Most often I post my photos as they are, but I do like to play with them as well.

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