October garden & walk

I didn’t think I’d be making more monthly garden posts this year, perhaps a winter gallery. But who can resist leaves like these?

15 thoughts on “October garden & walk

  1. Beautiful colors. I love this time of year. We are quickly moving into the next season though we had a hard frost yesterday morning and the bird baths are ice in the morning now. Soon there will be snow.

      1. My driveway is awesome – it’s actually one of the reasons we bought the place but snow is an issue for sure. My husband is really good with trying to keep up with it with the tractor but we’ve definitely had our share of snow days. Usually I enjoy them – forced slow downs can be a good thing!

          1. I hear you there for sure; but some days I think our bodies do what they need to to get us to slow down. They don’t necessarily care what we think, lol!

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