No acorns?

I was planning on dyeing with acorns this fall, we have a big old oak tree on one side of the property. I know it’s way too early to harvest, but as I was walking by the other day I was expecting to be able to see them at least.

  • That’s not too early, is it?
  • Is this a Danish, European, worldwide 2012 phenomenon or just my neck of the woods? Seems that none of the rowan trees in the area are showing much in the berry department either, now that I come to think of it, regardless of variety.
  • So those of you with oak trees around – take a walk and send me a report! Pls and thanku.

I did however on the same walk discover that one of our wild patches suddenly sports quite a few St. John’s Wort. Nearly all finished by now of course, but maybe they’ll come back now that they seem to have established themselves? Just have to keep hubby from mowing at the wrong time of year…

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Hvor er mine agern?

Jeg havde planer om at farve med agern i år – eller hvis det ikke rigtig gav farve, bruge det som bund for noget andet med garvesyren i garnet/stoffet. Men jeg kan slet ikke SE nogen agern i år på vores gamle egetræ?! Jeg ved godt det er for tidligt at høste dem, men de burde da sidde på og være grønne?

Så jeg kunne rigtig godt tænke mig at lave en rundspørge, sende jer alle på vandretur til jeres lokale egetræ og melde tilbage her, om der er agern på jeres? Ikke fordi jeg vil have dem, bare for at opklare, om det er et udbredt fænomen i år.

Til gengæld har jeg i dag opdaget at der er kommet Perikum på engen – de fleste er afblomstret, men til gengæld hvis de så smider en masse frø, så burde jeg kunne farve til næste juli???! 😀 Min mor vil have snaps, men så må vi vel slås om dem.

Vidste du, at man kan kommentere min blog uden at være wordpress medlem? Bare udfyld navn er nok. Det er så hyggeligt med dialog fremfor monolog!

5 thoughts on “No acorns?

  1. Reblogged this on Colour Cottage and commented:
    I’m not seeing any acorn reports people!
    Walk in the forest today, there are also no chestnuts this year and hardly any of the Alder catkins I wanted to dye with. I guess those have to be scheduled for 2013…

  2. We seem to cycle – one year there will be tons of acorns and the next none. But last year no acorns and this year only microscopically small acorns. But then when I walk to the neighbors or up north there are big healthy acorns. Don’t know why.
    I hav ebeen picking up walnuts though. The husks give a beautiful brown without mordant or heat. And I leave my dye buckets all year until the nuts fall again and still there is lots of dye in the brown water.

    1. I guess it’s just the way of things. Unfortunately I have no walnut trees to collect from, nor know of any. I’d really like to explore browns, was also planning to try elder catkins, but they’re also non-existent this year.

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