More pointing and shooting

Since I’ve been doing a bit with the garden this year, I’ve decided to document it to remember, especially the dye flowers.

This time I’ve edited a teeny bit, unlike my last garden photo session. And I had a “helper” who thought it was a great service that I’d lie down on the lawn to relax together.

17 thoughts on “More pointing and shooting

  1. Q – How fun to see two plants in my garden are also in yours; the marigolds and the funny, pink-speared one.

  2. So lovely, thank you Pia. Do you dye with borage flowers or borage root? Love those Gem marigolds…
    I miss my kitty very much as studio and gardening companion.

    1. Well no, that never occurred to me! You’d need A LOT of flowers and they seem to go so fast, and the roots just look white. I’ve kept their number down a bit this year, as I eventually want to use this space for something else, but I plan on introducing them elsewhere, so maybe I’ll give it a go.

  3. Your dye garden is looking so much more colourful than mine, I’m envious. Mine was new this year and we had problems with seeds not germinating a in the weird weather – I’ve no coreopsis and only two marigold plants – but I still have plenty to work with 🙂

    1. Oh I never thought I’d get anything with the cold spring. French marigold germinates real quick, you can still get a packet of seeds and make some. I dyed a skein yesterday with one variety and it’s AMAZING!

    1. Thanks – and yes, he does help me relax, in fact forces me to. 😉 Probably not a bad thing. His favourite is if I’m sick, then he gets to sleep on my tummy aaaall day, with a paw round my neck.

      1. ahh that’s so sweet, I remember when I had cats how sensetive they were to how I was feeling, sorry about the double comment but my first comment didn’t show so I thought it hadn’t gone through, Frances

        1. I don’t know why, but your comments got held up as spam by the wordpress detector thingie. Godd thing it has the courtecy to tell me at least.

          1. thanks Pia, it happened on 2 other blogs as well, I occasionally find a comment from a ‘real’ blogger in spam even though they have perhaps commented on my blog many times before, Frances

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