Mini status of an elliptical nature

This week I discovered that you can block neoprene knee braces in hot water to accommodate thunder thighs and super calves. Because XL would have lost the actual support function, and I’m not going to sit still for a little “patella syndrome”. (all those dots mean my muscles are improving)

@Kerry I’m still at 60 second planks because of my shoulders, but my sideways are improving in style!

I’ll see if I can squeeze in a studio update soon, but I’m working (when I’m working) on mostly longterm projects at the moment, so there’s not many interesting tidbits for a blog post.

I’ve considered a newsletter instead so my most hardcore readers don’t have to check back to see if I’ve updated anything yet…

See you soon! <3

2 thoughts on “Mini status of an elliptical nature

    1. And today, instead of free time in the studio after all my hard work yesterday, I’m utterly sick, as things must be every 3 weeks. I did a quick calculation, for nearly 40 years I’ve been severely punished for not getting pregnant more than 500 times. Eats up at least 20% of my time. That is one giant blip in evolution!

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