Massive blow to my image…


I’ve not bicycled for years and years, in fact not much since I got my first car. Which is not as long ago as you might think, I lived in the city for about 10 years and didn’t need one (they’re also rather expensive to buy and keep here compared to for instance the US), so I was over 30.

My knees aren’t always too happy, so I had a good excuse, but now that they’ve been scanned and no damage to the meniscus like I feared with all the clicking and sharp pains, I really don’t have one anymore. It’s just a sign of oncoming osteoarthritis, slack tendons, and well, I should use them more. 😉

So I decided I’d get a bike for the odd days when I need to go to the library in town or the post office (they don’t provide hitching posts for the pony), rather than drive G to the station in a farther town and back home (repeat in the afternoon) in order to be able to do my errands. And, well, I’m hoping to make a few camera field trips too. And get a bit fitter. It’s not a happy purchase, really, just a sensible choice.

Problem is, I like sporty bikes. I’ve always had slimline, semi-race types aimed at getting places, not sightseeing. And that’s a problem because with my neck/back condition these days, I can’t lean on my arms like that anymore – even just sitting still on bikes in the shop made this very clear in an instant…

So I needed to get a granny bike. I know they’re top fashion at the moment, but that is just not how I see myself. What’s next, flowery dresses, pearls and straw hats? Keeping my hair in a bun? (wait – I already do that, nevermind). Oh larks and deary me….

I also needed to get it in a junior size, because otherwise the frame is too high and long for me. And I wanted gears at least. In other words, not a whole lot to choose from, because I’m rather cheap when it comes to such things too. After all, I don’t know if I’ll ever actually make it into town or collapse halfway.

So here she is, and I suppose I can safely say that I’ve definitely hit middle age! Basket and all. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it. 😉


Der røg mit Imagedanish

Jeg har ikke haft en cykel i rigtig mange år. Når man bor på landet og handler langt væk eller skal have plads til 50 kg hestefoder og 2 store hunde, så bliver det bilen hver gang. Mine knæ er heller ikke særlig glade for hverken at løbe eller cykle, så det har bare været rigtig nemt at lade være.

Nu er der bare lige det, at jeg IKKE gÃ¥r rundt med flækket menisk, som jeg frygtede, det er bare lidt artrose og løse ledbÃ¥nd. Og da jeg bÃ¥de trænger til motion (blah!) og samtidig skal spare, sÃ¥ giver det ikke mening at køre 4x 12 km til stationen med gemalen, bare sÃ¥ jeg selv kan komme en tur pÃ¥ det lokale bibliotek eller posthus. Og egentlig kunne jeg jo tage pÃ¥ fototure ud i landskabet ogsÃ¥… (hvis bare vi dog havde cykelstier i stedet for 2 m dybe afvandingsgrøfter – jeg føler mig lidt dingelvorn nÃ¥r lastbilerne suser forbi lige i knæhaserne)

Problemet er så, at jeg altid har haft sporty letvægtscykler og det er dem jeg synes om, de er smarte, og jeg er ikke hyggecyklist, der skal trampes til, så man kommer frem. Desværre er min ryg og nakke ikke enige, bare det at sidde stille på cyklerne i butikken gjorde det klart for mig at jeg ikke kan tåle at holde min vægt i armene/skuldrene.

SÃ¥ nu har jeg været nødt til at købe mig en konecykel. Der var ikke sÃ¥ mange at vælge mellem, nÃ¥r man bÃ¥de vil have gear og juniorstel. Hvad bliver det næste, blomstrede kjoler og perlekæde? HÃ¥rknold? (nÃ¥nej, det har jeg jo allerede) Jeg kan bare slet ikke forlige mig med, at jeg nu officielt er midaldrende. Tror faktisk aldrig jeg kommer over det…. 😉

32 thoughts on “Massive blow to my image…

  1. Ride free, ride proud! *I* personally would love that one 🙂 A woman’s knees and back do what a woman’s knees and back gotta do, HA

  2. Wauw, flot cykel- Da vi flyttede pÃ¥ landet (5 km fra nærmeste by), havde vi heller ikke bil, sÃ¥ vi købte hver en solid cykel, der kunne klare turen gennem skoven. Vui har dem stadig, pÃ¥ 18. Ã¥r, men jer er ved at slide anhænger nr 2 op. Vi fik ogsÃ¥ først bil senere. Og jeg er vist ogsÃ¥ blevet nidaldrende og trænger til motion, sÃ¥ jeg mÃ¥ nok finde cyklen frem igen 🙂

        1. SÃ¥ skal jeg vist liiige træne en anelse først – det kunne ellers være god motivation at køre pÃ¥ plantejagt sammen.

  3. What a lovely story and the bike is gorgeous. I am also at the flowery dress and pearls with straw hat stage! but no bike as yet. Perhaps never in my case. The roads are too busy over here and it wouldn’t be safe (not for me anyway). I wish you happy cycling in the months to come. Do keep us informed about your biking adventures!

    1. I’m having a difficult time with both the age thing as well as the overly feminine aspect, LOL. Just have to suck it up I guess.

        1. Oh, I think it’s a vanity thing. I don’t actually mind being who I am. You know, a case of “I finally got my mind together and now my body is falling apart”.

  4. She’s just lovely! As a bike enthusiast, owning a number of different types of bikes for different types of riding, I highly approve of switching it up and listening to what your body needs!

    1. Now just need to learn NOT to swing my leg behind the saddle when I get off. Years of riding horses and “boy bikes” really plays with your muscle memory.

  5. ha ha! Two years ago I got my first bike in a long time, looks a lot like yours (for many of the same reasons), but the basket is on the front. 🙂 I decided not to think of it as an old lady bike, but as a return to my youth, when I rode for fun a lot. I really enjoy going on short rides now – still hate hills, but they are getting easier. We don’t ride as much as I would have liked, but we seem to do more in the fall when the air is cooler and drier, so I am looking forward to some rides in the next few months. With my lunch in my basket – and maybe a little knitting too in case we take a picnic. 🙂

    1. I can’t figure out if I regret not also getting the matching basket for the front! I’d definitely need it for a picnic.

  6. From your description, I definitely have an old lady bike!

    My husband has a small, sleek trendy one that you can fold up and carry around like an accessory.

    Not me, though. I aim for comfort on the road. I even switched out the seat for something wide and extra spring-y. In NC, I biked through large hills 1.5 miles to the store and back every few days. You’d think I’d bike more here in relatively flat sidewalk land, but something about the hauling of my bike up and down 6 flights of stairs certainly is stalling me. But reading this is making me want to take it for a spin once again. I love and miss it.

    From one granny-style woman to another,

    1. I can see how those stairs might hinder you – I can just imagine all the bruises I’d get on my legs wrestling that thing up and down. Actually, with 6 flights, don’t you get plenty exercise already?

  7. 😀 You are cracking me up. Who cares what the bike looks like—just look at how big that basket is! Do you know how many wildflowers and barks and plants and roots you can carry in that baby?! Pretty awesome. I hope you enjoy it all.

    1. Grackleandsun, you totally nailed it! Pia, you must get a front basket too. I love the style of the bike, so retro! Not old lady, just fashionable. And think, you can ride in the rain without getting mud up the back of you with those gorgeous fenders.

      I’m loving the tricycle that Kate Davies cruses on; MASSIVE basket in the back. Looking at your bike and Kate’s, I’m torn as to what to get. I love gears, and the trikes with them are super expensive. And I’m super cheap! LOL

      I wish you many healthy, fun and happy rides on your new bike. What will you name it?

      ~ Nin

      1. Yeah, the fenders and the completely covered chain was also a reason to pick this one, it even has what we used to call “coat savers”, which I haven’t seen on a bike for decades.

        I kinda like the name printed on it already: Viva, so I’ll just stick to that. I don’t normally use names or genders for my things, so I have no idea why it’s a she this time. 😉 The exception that proves the rule I guess!

    1. 😀 You’re right, there are too many occasions when I DON’T stop the car to take a picture. Oh wait. That’s because I’d never get to where I’m going…. I’m telling you, I was a bloody nuisance when we went to Scotland for a holiday some years ago.

  8. Your bike is lovely. I don’t associate bikes and baskets as middle aged; but quite the opposite. I remember as a little girl having my bike with a basket. Oh how I loved to ride around with a doll as my companion and a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers! Biking makes me feel young and free! Your photography is fantastic! Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks! 🙂

      I guess the basket isn’t just for old ladies, but I do love racing bikes better. It’s probably a delusion, but I liked to think they were more “me”. And, well, when you have an 11 km trip home from work and your shift ends at midnight, you want to get to your bed like a bolt of lightning! Thank goodness those days are over….

      1. Hahaha, I hear ya! I am looking into what they refer to as “road bikes”. My rides are taking me further and further away and I hear that is the type I need. I just wish they weren’t so darned expensive! Enjoy the ride! 😀

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