Lovely garden days

I hope I’m not making anybody miserable showing off our lovely Easter weather, I just had to share my joy that colour is once again abundant outside. We’re having a mixture of warm, quiet days and stormy, grey, rainy ones, but all in all, it’s improving. I feel I lack some inspiration / originality with my photos, I’m going to have to think about that a bit. It’s easy to just click away at all the pretty things, but I’d like to get that little extra something! (well, I just had oatmeal cookies with my tea out there, but that’s not what I meant)

18 thoughts on “Lovely garden days

  1. Oh these are all GORGEOUS and WHAT is going on with those last tulips?! They look like they have elaborate stockings over them! I’ve never seen that before so excuse me while I totally freak out for a second.

    I love the sneaky kitty, too, amongst the flowers. When I was small and I got my first cat, for Easter I decorated him with eggs and flowers. This just reminded me of that 🙂

      1. He was already lazily basking in the sunshine so it wasn’t difficult. I just put eggs around his belly, thinking it would look like he laid them, then tucked flowers on his neck. Then I put a basket nearby and took a picture! I think my mom still has the photo somewhere.

  2. Super lovely. I wonder what the air smells like where you are. What the birds sound like. I’m sure it is similar to what I am experiencing here, but not the same. And those differences are an adventure. I imagine sitting out there with you. And stealing your cookies.

  3. Din have ser indbydende ud. Meget mindre urkudtet end vores og med mange flere flotte blomster. Vibeæg er en af mine yndlingsblomster. I år har vi hele tre, deraf en der er spiret frem i en blomsterkasse der bare har stået og flydt på terrassen hele vinteren. Det er mig en kilde til stadig undren, at de er i familie med de ikke særligt vellugtende kejserkroner, der altid minder mig om trifitter.

    1. Det er sg* da fordi jeg ikke fotograferer ukrudtet!!! 😉

      Mine vibeæg er sjovt nok i år blevet til to adskilte klynger, selvom der i 12 år kun har været en! Men jeg klager bestemt ikke.

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