Show and Tell Week: Knitwips

My ego would have liked to only show finished projects this week and of course some very lovely ones. But that’s simply not how life rolls as you’ve already noticed, so today I’ll just show you what I aim to be knitting the next couple of months. That way she’ll have quantity over quality at least and I’ll fulfill her ambition to do a post every day of the week.

For my non-tv knitting I’m trying out a new to me stitch apparently called daisy chain, it requires a bit of focus and good light.. And since I couldn’t find the heathered green/black yarn in my head, I opted for multiple strands of Drops Alpaca, 4 actually, to make it more likely to be finished this season on 7-8 mm needles. A thick cardigan in progress. No pattern as usual…


My tv aka stockinette piece I feel like I’ve been not working on forever. Huge cone of very squishy soft cabled merino, and I started it so long ago that by now it really should have been 10 cm wider to follow my original design. But I think you can guess why that’s not going to happen, I’ll just have to wear a girdle with it! Or I can gently block after wash. I’m thinking I’ll make the same edge on sleeves and neckline. Possibly raglan sleeves with a slip stitch, I haven’t decided. It’s a bit more purple than the photos I realize now, dusty eggplant? (the white strings are just lifelines)


When getting alpaca on sale at the LYS I saw a new brand in the loveliest colours. Shiny shiny smooth and soft, just amazing. I spent a good time at her table rearranging ALL the skeins to mix and match the colours, but of course I had to toss a coin in the end and get just one combination. As for the design it ended up not being for stripes, since she only had one green and purple left, so the rest of this batch is blue.

I have some ramie/silk fiber stashed somewhere, so the nettle content was interesting to me as well.


And speaking of stripes I really need to have a list of designs handy. Because I keep falling for colour combination and I don’t particularly want a wardrobe full of stripes, which is my goto method if I haven’t got any specific ideas ready. So there’s another sitting down non-weaving activity for me while I wait to get back in shape.

Yarn lady suggested I simply started at the bottom and used up one skein at a time. I was thinking of something like the patterns below from a book on slip stitch (Vævestrik med variation; Bente Rønbæk ) but the question is: Will that make my butt look big(ger)?!?

6 thoughts on “Show and Tell Week: Knitwips

  1. Vævestrik er en vidunderlig smuk idé. Og der ligger i millionvis af mønstre og måder at gøre det på på nettet, resten af verden har nemlig lavet den slags strik i lange tider. Den eneste indvending, jeg har, er at det let bliver meget stift.
    Blæs på bagdelen, det er smukt, nemt og varmt!

    1. Åh, jeg tør slet ikke kigge på nettet, så får jeg aldrig besluttet mig.

      Når jeg har strikket perlegrus, så bruger jeg mindst 2 pindestr. over det normale for garnet. Men det er stadig ikke så elastisk som alm strik, det er netop mere som vævet stof. Så man skal lave en str. eller design som giver plads til at sætte sig ned!

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