Inspirations 3


I’m sorry girls, I really, really wanted to include some yarny links this time, but I simply haven’t stumbled on something really cool or unusual lately.

Best friends forever

Dear Creativity


Enjoying photography in a small way


What would you do…?

They were afraid of you. Every one of them. And with good reason. Unleash yourself. Use your wounds to heal us all. We are counting on you.

5 thoughts on “Inspirations 3

  1. Det er da en farlig side, du her har fundet pÃ¥. Man ken jo fortabe sig i billeder, ideer og ord i timevis. Vig bag mig … Jeg skal flette kurve 😉

    1. 😉
      Den ene kendte du jo. Jeg tænkte faktisk om din lille fotografassistent kunne synes den med modelbilerne var sjov?

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