How to completely ruin a painting

I had this one canvas, newly stretched which I didn’t notice was skewed until it was done. So I thought I could paint something blurry for a background to use behind /under photos of various objects. Except it didn’t really turn out very nice. And so I kept going, the original layers long gone, the idea likewise. It may still end up with 50 more layers, we’ll have to see when I get bored with it! (in fact I have several of these, it’s kinda fun, for me anyways, to look back at the different stages)

I could just gesso the whole thing or throw it away since the frame will never be quite straight, but it’s a fun challenge to tell yourself that you must use the previous layer to guide the next somehow, maybe turn it until you see something new, and an opportunity to try out new moves without being precious about it.

It started very different from my goto blended backgrounds which are swirly motions and smooth transitions. But it’s interesting to see what happens, even if “nothing” comes of it. Sometimes I get a little corner I really like, then I make myself keep going and ruin everything completely. The aim is to shift my comfort zone, not to make this my new style.

And then, after trying to stay with large, square shapes and angular strokes, I ended up with something quite similar to some of my other landscapes! Quite amusing. (to me anyway)


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