Today I’d like to introduce my wonderful wheel, a 20 year old double drive from Ashford. I got it a year ago after spinning on spindles about 4 months, and I have to say, as much as I learned by starting on a spindle, I do enjoy using the wheel more.

Ashford Elizabeth I

I haven’t tried any other wheels, but with the whole range of bobbins and pulleys and lots more to learn I don’t see the point in switching. Apart from a weird inability lately to run the flyer in scotch tension, it’s always very easy to adjust to what I want. Have to look into that bit though, although I use DD most often, I have some qiviut that I’d like to spin with almost zero uptake.

The wheel came to me dark mahogany, so I’ve stained my extra bobbins to match. Dust collectors like you wouldn’t believe it, but nice I think. Oh, and I just luuuurve my tensioned Lazy Kate as well.

In fact I haven’t been spinning for about a month, which is quite odd now that I come to think of it, I used to spin every day. I think I’ll have to hit the dye pots and whip up some attractive braids to get me started!!! My scoured fleeces need either a drumcarder or mini combs before spinning, so they’ll have to sit and wait.

My last project was part one of a sweater project, a SAL where I have to spin an entire sweater’s worth of Shetland wool and then knit it. I’ve only gotten to the first 200 g. batch which I kettle dyed like this:

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