You don’t know it, but I’ve actually started writing you a number of times, planned photoshoots of what I was up to but then abandoned it all mid-project because I felt it was just more of the usual stuff and so not very exciting? Does it have to be exciting? After all, it’s what we do most of the time, more of the same, and we still keep at it. Ok, and I had a chronic headache most of December and January.

There was a failed ink project, in the sense that I got a nice chocolate brown ink, but from a berry that was traditionally used to make sap green. I didn’t pick the berries myself, so I can’t really say what went wrong, and the experiment was never concluded = blog post unfinished.

I finally made myself read a pattern for turning heels and worked through it, so I’ve been knitting socks and lost my distaste for that. Now I’m on a mission to find the perfect nylon-free fiber blend which does not grow holes in 2 days and can also be machine washed, but like most of the things I think of, no guarantee it will get further than the drawing board. I will try to report on my findings and link to other people who are working on tuff socks projects.

His and hers – with my poorly selfinvented heel on the latter

I’m doing my best to become/stay organised, I’m re”programming” my workbook, collecting all my various notes and we’ll see how many weeks that system lasts… 😉 I’ve tried just putting everything in my bullet journal, summing up undones once in a while, I’ve tried having one notebook for each topic which works REALLY badly because I can never find that specific book when I have an idea on something. I’ve also on multiple occasions decided to make ta-da! lists to show myself I’m not completely inactive, but I usually get bored within a week and then forget.

We’re having a green winter again, but it feels pretty miserable all the same, 95% humidity, wind and just above 0 makes me want to not go outdoors ever again, it just goes right to the bones in a way frost never does. So I rotate by the fireplace trying to will myself into the studio, but even a mad dash through the stables is enough to make me shiver again, in fact, the very thought of it is! But uniting the two buildings would be a massive investment and require a permit.

There’s already another hour of daylight in the afternoon it seems, so very soon it will all be forgotten and perhaps I’ll have more to show you?

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  1. You have been busy.
    Love the socks and your encaustic palette looks so much neater than mine!
    I don’t think I have been recieving all of your blog posts? Don’t think I have seen the last two,or three, maybe?

  2. Åh, hvor godt at se dig tilbage igen. Det er jo alle de der små detaljer, der skal til, for at holde sig a jour. Og jeg kommer jo ikke lige forbi, vel? Ja, det er med notesbøger, orden i dem og især! at de bliver væk. Det må du gerne skrive mere om, hvis du finder de vises sten – og også gerne bare om en lille flig af den. Jeg har flere notesbøger. En bullet journal (mere kalender, faktisk) en Knitsonik-idébog, en strikke og syidébog, tre-fire havebøger – efter hver deres princip, en træningsbog (GAMMEL!), en med flet og fold, et par stykker med træ, mange med diverse udkast, ideer og begyndelser på historier, jeg gerne ville skrive. Pyh, jeg bliver heldt svedt bare ved tanken.
    Og ja, denne her grønne vinter, hvor vejret bare ligesmom gentager sine novemberemner i båndsløjfe er da bare det værste. Kom sne, kom sol, kom vejr! Ku’ være jeg skulle forfatte en blogpost om notes- og andre bøger … hvem sagde overspringshandling?

  3. Hei Pia! Switching to English for those poor non-Scandi readers, because they all read and live our comments, right? Ahem. So we’re totally in the same place. I need to get a grip on myself and get structured, because I have quite a lot I want to say and to share. But time flies, and neither body nor head enjoy those grey days. Soon spring comes!

    1. Already I enjoy more daylight, but this cold, clammy weather is getting to me. Hoping for an early spring now, as I think we’re past the point of getting serious frost. I also need to get out and walk more.

  4. I was just thinking the other day, Has Pia posted lately? Glad you are back!
    Making ink from local plants sounds interesting — I have seen two books on the topic but haven’t succumbed yet.
    I could talk all day about project notebooks! I have at least 25, with articles I have pulled from magazines and sorted into topical notebooks, things like Surface Design and Modern Quilting. If I remember I have an article, I can find it, and sometimes I just sit and look through them and refresh my memory.
    Last year I went so far as to pull out all the articles I wanted to use during the year, putting them in their own notebook of “2018” in chronological order. As in, “I will do this dye technique in April.” Of course I didn’t get to a tenth of them, so now I have just renamed the whole notebook “2019.” We’ll see if this year is any better.

  5. Hi Pia- I understand. I think I do better on Instagram than my ” self hosted and now I pay for it ” blog. Someone commented on my blog the other day and it got me to thinking…our lives seem uninteresting to us, but not to others….

  6. It never has to be more than the “usual stuff!” That’s what we all write about and we like each other’s usual stuff! Glad to see you back and to know all is well.

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