5 thoughts on “Cool stuff

  1. LOVE!!! Especially the simple ones, like the ones that turn cracks into a picture—I like how the artist saw something else in what was already there.

  2. I really love the one with the blue-haired girl with the bird on her finger. They were all brilliant, really, but with this one I just liked that there was a woman depicted in a beautiful manner– it’s clear the design is decorative– but it’s not hyper sexualized. I’ve spent the last couple days researching comic books, sci fi and fantasy images and this is probably why it’s just a relief to see artwork depicting normal shaped breasts (not that there is any one normal shape, but maybe “not bowling balls” is what I’m going for…)

    1. I loved that one too. And I know what you mean about fantasy contortionist bikini babes with breast implants and high boots, wielding swords!

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