I just realized that we’re moving into autumn and after that comes winter.

We heat the house only with the woodstove in the living room, and while the house is warm enough, I do tend to get cold hands sitting in my “office”, typing or just mousing away with one hand.

So, for the last 2 years I’ve wanted to make some fingerless mittens, but never got around to it. I even have some really thin baby alpaca yarn to use, just to get an extra layer of skin but not have the bulk get in the way.

What I can’t decide it whether to just make the tube variety with a thumb hole or real gloves with just the fingertips off. Plain rib for a snug fit or some elaborate lace or cable pattern…

Which do y’all prefer? And why? (apart from the fact that I’m not looking forward to knitting fingers, I have an idea it may be warmer)

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Fingerløse vanter

Jeg bliver lidt kold om fingrene om vinteren når jeg sidder her ved PC’en, så jeg har længe tænkt på at lave fingerløse vanter i tyndt alpaca garn for at de ikke er i vejen men lige giver et ekstra lag hud. Det er bare ikke blevet til noget, men nu er vinteren jo på vej igen!

Så jeg vil lige høre, bortset fra, hvad der er nemmest at strikke, hvilken slags foretrækker I, med eller uden fingre, altså bare et rør med tommelfingerhul eller rigtige vantefingre uden spidser? Og hvorfor?

Vidste du, at man kan kommentere min blog uden at være wordpress medlem? Bare udfyld navn er nok. Det er så hyggeligt med dialog fremfor monolog!

7 thoughts on “Coldfinger

  1. The only thing that I would recommend for comfort’s sake is to make sure that the mitts have a gusset before the thumb hole—like mittens do. I tried making some without (the tube style), and they were rather uncomfortable. It’s easy to add the gusset to most patterns if they don’t have one. Can’t wait to see what you knit up!

  2. Once you knit a pair you will probable want more. I voted for the mitten style with a thumb but no fingers. I have some that are snug and will wear them inside my regular mittens that way when I need to use my fingers I can pull off the outer glove to work.

    1. Ah yes, there’s the whole outdoors issue as well… Horses + photography. I think I’ll start with a rather plain pair to get a feel for the process. I’ve never knit socks either. That is, I seem to remember my mother teaching me to turn a heel, but that has to be at least 30 years ago, and I don’t think it caught on bigtime.

    1. And spin etc – exactly the point. 🙂 Yes, the birdie lives right outside the window, it’s the tree where I put food for them in winter.

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