Rug dyeing


With no fixed idea for a design (rather, I’ve had so many my head is just muddled now, and a family crisis didn’t help much) I decided to dye some wool first and then see if I know what it wants. Otherwise I’ll just procrastinate forever, waiting for “perfect” to land in my head. Continue reading “Rug dyeing”

Finally DHL


Some couriers are like clockwork – others apparently have a few cogs in their gears. Like a time quote of 2 days in reality being 11, and not just because of Easter since pickup alone took 5…

Anyhow, I now have my rug roving and dyeing can commence. I haven’t decided on a pattern, once my options are limitless I become paralyzed it seems. But I do have a vague colour scheme, so I’m going to weigh out the amount, see what it looks like on the other side and take it from there.

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Show and Tell Week: Combining elements

This is one of the first pieces I wove on my rigid heddle loom, using handdyed sock yarn. Originally intended as a summer top (for cool days) or vest, I never got past the sewing stage although I’d tried it on once. And to be honest, it was a bit too narrow even 18 months ago when I was slimmer (seems like it was years and years ago that I started weaving!). As you can see I’d even cut a bit off the length to add to the sides, but nah! I took it apart and let it simmer.


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Perhaps winter


First winter day, and a promise of, but not quite real frost at least in this garden. It’s possible that I simply got out of bed too late, though! Uglemor has taken care of that bit of December greeting for me. šŸ˜‰

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