“We can imagine a situation far back in time in which nothing in a person’s life could be singled out as one’s profession or line of work. If you had to grow or catch your own food, make your own clothes, dream up your own metaphors for the night sky, heal your own injuries, make your own love matches, concoct your own stimulants and sedatives, and in every way imaginable take care of yourself and amuse yourself, you had no profession or line of work. You were simply living; you were simply a human being.” (Eric Maisel)


6 thoughts on “Being

  1. Such healing words. Especially feeling the pressure today from those inner voices who believe time not working (work=difficult) is time wasted on laziness. This was good to read first thing.

  2. Just loved reading your post! I often think of that when I sit at my loom: all those meters and meters our foremothers had to weave just to clothe the family and have bedding……

  3. I love that! Especially the part about dreaming up metaphors for the night sky. Have you taken a workshop with Eric Maisel or is there a particular book you found helpful?

    1. No, I never met him. This is from a book called “Why smart people hurt”, I’m probably going to get a few more later on. And I liked that particular bit too. 🙂

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