Apparently my blog has a 2 year birthday today. Yay.

THANK YOU for staying with me so far, I’ve enjoyed your company immensely these past two years!

I’ve been trying to play with a new Photoshop technique I read about this morning, but my computer isn’t powerful enough.

I rather regret getting the new Adobe Suite, it’s wasting away… It’s partially the fault of my Wacom tablet which is about 15 years old, still works perfectly but on a serial port. Which means I’m running Windows XP 32 bit and not really using my processor.

So for our birthday, the blog and I wish for a 64 bit solution to my old tablet driver and quadruple RAM modules. Pretty please. 😉 So that I don’t have to scale down my images to worthless and import them one at a time, then reboot. I’ve had enough of that today, so perhaps some other time I’ll show you that new technique! (after I learn how to use it)


Now to celebrate the day with plant dyeing, some painting and warping a loom. And shopping for cake ingredients, as tomorrow Himself has a birthday too. Our own strawberries aren’t ripe yet, unfortunately, so I’m counting on the supermarket to have some fairly local ones.

15 thoughts on “Anniversary

    1. Thanks! Seeing as I don’t celebrate my own, I think it’s very kind of WordPress to remind me of this one. 🙂

  1. P’shop is such an enormous hungry monster of a programme.

    Congrats on the bloggiversary! You are blogging so frequerntly I cant keep up at the moment 🙂

    1. It’s a delicate balance of too much = using it as procrastination and too little = becoming not at all because I get out of sync. You know, getting your ideas where you focus. And I think if I go offline completely I’ll eventually hit a dead end with everything for lack of input. So right now I’m testing the more instagrammy method, like. 😉

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