After the storm

Absolutely not the worst one in the history of mankind, but probably the one that did most damage in our 11 years here.


Riding ring fence broken. My little greenhouse was torn to pieces. Roof damage to the barn (flying tiles) and for myself a mangled right thumb. My stupid horses who were calm as can be in the pasture, but too fat to remain there all evening (as well as too near the disintegrating rooftop), decided to freak when I wanted to approach them in the paddock to come inside for hay – ground slippery as soap and down I went, thumb first…. Typing feels very odd without it, am constantly reminded to lift my cup with the other hand, and well, apple sauce, forget it, I can’t peel anything. Knitting? No way. Same goes for writing and drawing. I guess an overstretched ligament. Bummer. I iced it all evening, but it’s still quite swollen today.

I haven’t tried spinning, my left is my forward hand, but I think I probably handle the fiber more than I know with my right. Think I need 2 thumbs for teasing clumps of fleece for carding too? Perhaps I could pick up my lefthanded writing again which I practised when I broke my wrist 5 years ago. Just for laughs.

Guess I better visit the library…

Everyone else ok out there?

indoor weather


Så blev det lille blæsevejr overstået med flyvende tagsten, væltet ridebanehegn, krøllet drivhus og en forstuvet tommelfinger.

De tåbelige ponyer syntes det var en meget farlig ide at skulle ind i stalden (i ly for de flyvende tagsten) og folden var som sæbe, så jeg fik lige trukket tæppet væk under fødderne og landede med højre tommel “brækket” bagover.

Strikke, skrælle æbler til det der mos jeg har truet med, tegne, skrive, glem det, jeg kan ikke engang holde på en tom kaffekop og påklædning foregår temmelig kreativt.

Det ligner vist en tur på biblioteket…

Jeg håber alle derude i det danske land er intakte både indendørs og udendørs?

29 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Godt det ikke gik værre, jeg håber at du gror hurtigt sammen igen. Hos os er der væltet er halvt træ, og plastikken er næsten blæsst af domen.
    Det er morsomt, at jeg lige har skrevet en blogpost med præcis samme titel 😉

    1. Fingeren er bare tyk og byldeøm, men fuldt bevægelig hvis jeg insisterer, så den er heldigvis ikke rigtig i stykker. Jeg ærgrer mig egentlig mest over at jeg ikke kan lege med min nye maskine! 😉

  2. So you must have had “our” storm straight after us! 🙁

    Very sorry about your thumb, I hope it heals quickly!

    We were lucky in that our house was not damaged and we didn’t lose any trees on our land, although some of the neighbours spent most of yesterday clearing our country lane after a tree had fallen across it. So we got off lightly, apart from the fact that it took them over 36 hours to restore our electricity supply. Luckily our local pub had electricity so we evacuated there for the night for some warmth and light and a very nice meal. Today I was prepared for another night of spinning in the candle light (it’s remarkable how little light you actually need for plying), but the electricity has just came back, so I am now catching up with the internet instead and wondering whether the contents of my freezer are still safe to eat…

  3. I’m so sorry about your thumb and send you healing thoughts to make it better soon. A thumb is so useful, but like all other parts of the body, we take it for granted until it hurts. The storm passed my way too, but luckily it wasn’t too bad and we suffered no damage. Your poor greenhouse!

        1. Thanks, I will, no hard labour for the rest of the week. But I can at least wash my hair and lift my coffee cup today, although I still prefer the left.

    1. Thanks – we haven’t looked at the roof yet, as it was raining all day yesterday, but I don’t think it’s as bad as all that unless more up there needs fixing before another storm.

  4. Just catching up a bit – I guess this is what you were alluding to! Ouch, I hope it heals soon. And the poor greenhouse 🙁

    We did okay, it was noisy but no damage to our home, just a power outage which won’t be fixed til next friday at the earliest (due to our unique living situation). We have a generator though, so its not so bad, it only cuts out periodically :0

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