5/21 days – Favourite tool

Ok, this should be easy for a change (as long as I forego showing you my looms, spinning wheel, drumcarder, drill press just to mention a few). My favourite painting tool used to be foam brushes,

but I’ve come to dislike how floppy they get. They are great for smooth blends, but they suck up a lot of paint that doesn’t seem to ever get to the canvas, and I’m more for visible lines these days. Not so much texture from brushes, but strokes rather than smooth blending.

I use various objects for mark making and texture, spray bottles and wipes, but flat brushes are my goto most of the time. Usually nylon, but I have a collection of old bristle brushes too. I prefer canvas to paper as a surface, expensive, but it is what it is.

I’m looking forward to seeing what exciting new tools come forward in the group today – I bet nobody has a 17 year old Wacom digitizer!! (this means I also still run win7 – serial port and 12yo driver doesn’t go any further)

21 days in my artworld challenge with Tara Leaver

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