Natural pigments

My interests are many as I mentioned last week, always keep branching out, and yet they also converge in convoluted ways. Besides my love of strong, bright colours, I also enjoy the palette of mother nature that I see change and return each year, season by season. It is after all a grey and brown world half the time. It puts ideas in my head for plant dyed wool, growing my garden, making paper from dried plants, for using earth pigments and ink only. Motifs of rocks, feathers, bark and moss. Runes and crows and moonlight.
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5/21 days – Favourite tool

Ok, this should be easy for a change (as long as I forego showing you my looms, spinning wheel, drumcarder, drill press just to mention a few). My favourite painting tool used to be foam brushes,
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New favourite colours

Do you have a favourite colour combination, just recently, or one that you keep returning to?

Lately I’m a bit obsessed with the colours “Transparent Red Iron Oxide” and “Alizarin Crimson Hue” from Golden. They look great together and make a nice burnt orange too when mixed. I’m making up swatches and samples when I’m not just adding them directly to various projects.

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Cleaning old paintings


Last week I mentioned that I’d tried out natural soap for cleaning a couple of very dirty old paintings that were left stranded in our hayloft.

These were not high quality art, presumably from the 1960’s or thereabouts, and I wasn’t trying to actually save them. I just wanted to see how it went and perhaps play a bit. So if you do this and paint comes off too, don’t blame me!

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It’s dark again

And the lamps over the dining table are broken. So I have a very white daylight lamp in front of my painting station but my back is to it when working with small images or other things requiring a table, and it’s not enough in winter gloom. (getting a new lamp obviously, but it’s not as easy as all that to find what you like and need)

I’ve been thinking I’d like to do some big canvasses for a change anyway, but then I’m up against another issue: Uncovered living room floor. Acrylic paints. A desire to perhaps use runny stuff? As it is I spend way too many brain cells monitoring that I don’t accidentally spill or wipe my brushes on furniture, it ruins the flow more than you’d think!

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