9 thoughts on “Yesterday’s yarn

    1. It’s a lovely pattern! But I think the yarn is too scratchy, also the hanks are only 25 g each.

    1. Thanks, I do like autumn colours too, perhaps I should dye some more so that I have a whole series of autumn reds, yellows, browns and greens for some project.

  1. I can’t see an email for you Pia, so maybe you could send your address to mine then I can send you a pack of nice things – it’s birdiefincham(at)gmail(dot)com

      1. Which only reinforces my belief that we are connected by an invisible thread which brings us to wordpress at the same time…..lol

  2. Those are some of my absolute favorite colors. If a green was in there, it would be the same color scheme as piece of fabric I weaved on a Navajo loom for my wedding ceremony. My husband and I were “tied” with it. 🙂

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