Today I’ll try something new. I’m going to write this blog without knowing what it’ll be about! That could either mean a really short post or half a novel….

I’ve wanted to say something different rather than just dye reports, especially since I haven’t in fact been dyeing anything. Playing at mordanting cotton in as many possible ways that I can think of, to then be dyed together, but that will be a while.

I did crack the nettle -> green mystery though, so I may do a batch of that for you.

But, as it were, right now, today, I have nothing to show and tell. Drove all the way to a new forest with the dog just for some variety and didn’t bring the camera because it was grey and dull out. Of course it ended up quite lovely with sun and lots of potential shots!

Yesterday it rained and rained, I had to fire up the woodstove. In fact, this morning the house is only about 16° C, so I’m tempted. My newly replanted weld plants got drowned, I’d just put them outside to get ready for putting in the ground, but I fear the roots have all gone to rot now standing in soup instead of soil. All of the weld, obviously, not a variety of plants or just a few of the trays…


My hands are sore again, and yes, I’ve been trimming hind hooves on the old guy. Then the farrier threw his (own) back and didn’t come to fix the fronts, but I think they’ll be ok for a little while yet. So today I really should take a break from my spinning marathon (3 colours to go + some plying) and tidy up the house – free some space for fresh crafting rather than just piles of supplies all over. Doesn’t look like the rest of this month is going to be about lounging in the garden, smelling the lilacs. I suppose I could rip them off the bushes and throw them in a pot instead. Or a vase, possibly.

Ok, lots of words and nothing interesting happening yet. Perhaps my brain is frozen too. I’ve dared myself to try to get used to getting up at 6, just because. And it’s actually quite rewarding, because it means I’m done with my internetty stuff around 8 and ready to work on my procrastination project. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I do something. And it’s so much easier to justify an afternoon nap. 😉

01Being as I’ve mentioned a relatively tired person, I’ve also decided to dedicate some attention to the “exercise” form called NEAT. Or “non exercise activity thermogenesis” if you want to google your own selection of articles. I’ve never seemed to be able to build muscle or stamina from training, it just keeps feeling like a chore, I don’t get more energy either. Runner’s high? Whut? Dunno what that means. I just get knackered and see stars. The only thing that ever motivated me is doing real stuff. Dig a hole in the garden, paint a wall, and you can SEE your accomplishment, it’s useful and makes you feel good. Running just to run? Boooring….. So maybe I’ve been on the right track for my kind of sport all along, and now they’ve just come up with a neat name for it.10 And I like the mental challenge as well in coming up with more ways to deliberately move a bit extra during the day. I don’t need to pretend I’ve forgotten something upstairs, because I do that quite naturally, but perhaps movement could be exaggerated?

Now I’ll go find some pretty pictures to throw in here and perhaps that will spark something interesting to write about. Or, more likely they’ll be completely random and irrelevant.


Right, after a shower, a fire and more coffee, I’m back. Perhaps I need to get out more, if I persist on (in? with?) being so chatty without actually saying anything. So tell me, do you like or dislike smalltalk (IRL or otherwise), why or why not? If you never ever smalltalk, do you find enough people to have conversations with? Because I find that out there, outside the windows, most people engage in nothing but. And most of the time it really drains me, whereas the rare interesting encounters I have really fire me up. So I tend to, well, not go. I don’t need to, I’m very good at entertaining myself, but do I in fact build up a back log of chatter this way?

<<Wandering off for a second to feed Arthur his second breakfast.>>

Got my keyboard back from under the cat. And still nothing coming forth of true value or profundity. That’s it, I’m going to declutter my desk! I love a clutterfree desk – I just seem to, you know, get a lot of stuff going and then I put it down to sort out … and oh gosh where’s that bill I need to pay and before I know it the cats have thrown a party in the middle of everything. And then I just get tired and go do something in the living room.

Over and out!


16 thoughts on “What?

  1. I love your post of random thoughts, and the pictures are particularly beautiful too!

    One thing I wanted to mention is that the fact that your muscles do not seem to respond to exercise could be a symptom of CFS. I used to be able to do exercise and get fit as a result, but since I became ill with CFS my muscles have stopped responding to even gentler forms of exercise. A few years ago I did three months of “Graded Exercise Therapy” with a physiotherapist (the idea is that you start at a level you can easily manage and then you increase it by no more than 10% every couple of weeks). In the end, I could do less than I could in the beginning. So please remember to be gentle with yourself!

    Yoga is meant to be a good form of exercise for CFS, there’s yoga DVD for people suffering from fatigue by Fiona Agombar, called Beat Fatigue with Yoga. I must say I have never exactly beat my fatigue with it, but I still find it useful and beneficial.

    1. What a bummer being worse after training program than before! I am telling myself to remember my breaks and my water and to accept that I can do what I can do on any given day. No pressure.

  2. haha, I enjoyed your ramblings. Sounds something like the running commentary in my own head at times. Do i like small talk? No, not really. I am socialised enough to engage in it when I have to but I do my best to avoid it if possible.

    1. It seems to me most of the time however that I can either smalltalk or not talk to anyone at all. Which I don’t mind terribly much, but some say it’s not healthy to feel that way. 😉

      1. Who says? Personally I think what matters is what feels right to you. I find those people with whom I have to engage in small talk are not the people I ever form friendships with. They are just people I encounter and for whatever reason have to engage with. The people I hit it off with are the ones where before you can take a breath we’re talking about something interesting or deep or whatever.

        1. I feel the same way. Unfortunately I don’t seem to meet very many of the second variety IRL, and I can’t be bothered with the first.

  3. Det der med grønt fra brændenælder lyder spændende … fortæl, fortæl.
    Og det der med ting alle vegne, hvor jeg bare kender det, et nyt projekt skal lige prøves, og så bliver det gamle bare stakket op i stedet for at blive lagt på plads og så videre. Er der ikke noget med en plads til hver ting og hver ting på sin plads. Det burde jeg måske hænge op over skrivebordet … og et par andre steder 😉

    1. Men jeg mangler hylder! Og vægge til hylderne….

      Der kommer mere om brændenælde… Men jeg skal lige prøve et par ting til. Det handler om temperaturen.

      1. Hi Pia, I was just trying to email you to thank you for the lovely package but gmail is not loading properly so here I am instead! Thank you – I have already used a few bits, you might be able to spot them in the photo on my blog…

  4. Totally enjoyed the ramble. It’s nice to know others have ramble days when nothing *specifically bloggable about* gets done, just a lot of the background tasks, the regular life stuff.

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