Weaving palettes

I got out some yarn piles and tried to arrange them in groups for weaving summer fabrics, relentlessly trying to design clothes for myself… Good thing I’m not overly vain!

I’m in trouble both with fabric design (colour), sett (thread spacing), malfunctioning equipment and, well, I probably can’t sew any of it into useful garments anyway. It seems I have a need to waste my summers completely on harebrained projekts, be it plant dyeing or weaving! (and it’s good to write it down so that I notice what it is I’m doing. Just have to figure out why).

11 thoughts on “Weaving palettes

  1. It all looks so interesting, fascinating in fact. However! don’t tempt me to take up weaving please. I have enough projects and hobbies for now.

  2. Herlige bundter. Jeg håber da du får taget dig sammen til at klippe og sy af dine stoffer. Jeg er ved at tage mig sammen til at kaste mig over næste projekt.
    Hvorfor mon sommer får os til at tænke på paletter?

    1. Jo, jeg skal absolut tage mig sammen. Har lige været til garn/væve intro hos Ulla fra FB-gruppen her i eftermiddag, hun bor kun 1 km herfra. (og jeg kendte hende faktisk lidt fra hestesammenhæng)

  3. Hallo Pia, ist looks good, very good, full of live and individual. My waving frame(?) would like to get this. Best Wishes♥, Anne

    1. Yes, driven is the right word, and I enjoy it, but I sometimes wonder about the purpose. Apart from post-apocalyptic skills. 😉

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