Thumb’s down


Just the one mind you. A few of you may remember me whining about how long the recovery took after my fall 2½ years ago, but I’d finally gotten to a point where it was ancient history, I could open my own jars and everything.

Until this morning. It’s like it’s been newly injured, and I’ve considered not drinking anything all day to eliminate the hassle of getting my pants off and on as a result.

So I wonder, do you think it’s too late to find out what went wrong with it back then?

Well, I guess an opportunity to practice left hand skills – but no weaving. No breakfast either, I just determined I can’t hold onto the bread and carve it at the same time! Utterly ridiculous if you ask me; I think I’m becoming just a little bit tired of all this nonsense.

Anxiously waiting for days of sitting in the garden, not by the woodstove. 🙂 We’ll be back some time after this unscheduled break.

6 thoughts on “Thumb’s down

    1. I’ve contacted my GP to ask about it. We simply don’t bounce as well as we get older, do we? And too many days like this does a number on my mind too…

  1. Øv, stkkels dig. Klap og trøst herfra. Tommelfingre en en genial og smertefuld opfindelse. MIn (venstre heldigvis) bliver nok aldrig sig selv efter en lidt for aktiv sommer, da jeg var 18 – sÃ¥ la’vær’ at skyde skylden pÃ¥ alderen.

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