The yarn that wouldn’t

As I mentioned in passing yesterday, I had some non-results with dried walnut on one of my overdye projects. I can’t remember what came first, I think possibly alum and St. John’s Wort solar dye method (= mucky fawn).

Then I tried dried walnut shells, bought in a store, not collected, regrettably. (=beige) Ammonia: no change. Yes, it really lost colour compared to the original.

Another option would be mixing my used dye jars of hollyhock, cochineal and safflower on the odd chance they were not exhausted from the other hanks I showed yesterday. (=this added a slight greyish tint to the beige)

The madder jar? Yes, topped up with some of the walnut water which did have a very dark coffee colour by now. Into the canner at 80° C because the jar didn’t fit in the oven. Aaand, we finally have a winner.


Apart from reading up on the walnut procedure (I think it needs to steep for a while before using), it won’t be the last time I try this combo. With different temperatures to bring out the various madder shades. Which means another sciency project after all, and it’s not like I have a couple written down and waiting since last year, with no energy to put into them. Typical. 😉

12 thoughts on “The yarn that wouldn’t

  1. Well a lovely colour in the end! As you know I’m not an expert but when using my onion skins I read that it was walnut husks that produced the dye, not the shells?

  2. Kunne du ikke finde et lokalt valnøddetræ og spørge ejerne om at måtte samle de grønne skalller. De bliver jo ikke brugt, og jeg samlede mange sidste år på den måde. De gav en tilfredsstillende dyb mørk kastaniebrun. Men din rødbrune er smuk, den minder om en hest.

      1. Øv, her nordpå er der rigeligt af dem, jeg har et lille med 1 nød i år, og både en nabo og en genbo har et, så her er rig mulighed for skaller.

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