The sorting of the colours

Well, guess who crashed this week. My ride in the beautiful sunny spring weather last Sunday just left me with sore legs, but when I made another attempt 3 days later I could hardly lift the saddle off its peg. My muscles had turned into rubber, and I’m still quite exhausted all the while various stress symptoms are racing through my body. What’s up with that?! Doesn’t give me much hope of getting back into some sort of shape nor my clothes; not sure what my strategy should be.

I’ve been doing very quiet yarn playing so I wouldn’t go nuts, sorting yarn samples in different combinations and making cards to remember, planning a collection of summer fabrics. Looking at drafts, sketching a bit. Trying to not get too ambitious, I’m sure once I’ve done a few, or more, my next collection will be so much nicer than the first. Keep reminding myself I don’t have to get it perfect, I’m a beginner, not a master weaver.

To practice that last notion, I took the small remnants of 16/2 cotton that came with the Glimåkra loom and randomly made a warp for pillowcases, to be woven in the same manner, just emptying the quills one by one. Three firsts: Thin cotton, double layer cloth (I’m weaving it as a tube), and a draft which invited a walking treadle sequence rather than a straight. Very simple and mindless, just keep the treadle sequence, stop before I get tired again.

And that’s all folks!

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    1. If only I could figure out exactly what is the cause and solution, not just “fibromyalgia, go lie on the couch and let your husband pay the bills”. Even my physiotherapist says I’m too feisty for a FM patient. 😉 Yeah, perhaps, but it’s all in my head, LOL.

  1. Øv bøv, det er altså surt. Hver gang man tænker: Så, nu … så får man den der hammer i hovedet igen. Ih hvor jeg håber du finder en løsning og snart!

    1. Jeg mistænker at det er accept jeg skal arbejde med, ikke en kur. Begge dele er lige vanskeligt! 😉

  2. I really think that you must be lying to us. That gorgeous weaving cannot be as mindless and easy as you make it out to be. Frankly, nothing with that many strings could be simple. I think you should take credit where it is due. I’m really impressed with all the weaving you do. It is so cool.

    Just tossing this out there into the ether space between us— there is much to suggest that fibromyalgia is actually an autoimmune disease. And if that is true, it is something to take seriously and really look into. There is much that can be done to mediate the causes and effects of autoimmune illnesses. However, ignoring both can lead to further autoimmune issues. Ask me how I know. For years, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue have been kind of catch-all conditions when nobody knows what’s wrong. It’s not viewed the same way anymore. At least by more progressive doctors.

    Sorry you’re not feeling great.

    1. Well thanks! I’m working on a bunch of more planned and intricate patterns, so I guess random stripes are not to me – although I do enjoy the asymmetry. Seems like this weaving thing comes natural to me (or else it really isn’t as hard as everybody seems to think)

      I’ve had the same thought about FM. I once worked for a lady with an autoimmune disease called myastenia gravis, and she was convinced it was from stress. But where am I to go with that suggestion? There’s nobody. Everything has to go through my GP here. They don’t have a clue, as you said, it’s a garbage diagnose, a way to file people who you can’t help. I know there’s research to reclassify it into a neurological problem rather than putting it in with arthritis. But I have no idea how to look into it. Thanks for caring! :bear:

    2. Would perhaps explain my elevated histamine levels too – my whole torso is so itchy like I’ve fallen into nettles, but there’s nothing to see and no known allergies.

        1. Another fibro/cfs ‘sufferer’ here, also feisty, hence the inverted commas. I know my problems are autoimmune, in fact ever since I fought off a nasty bout of viral pneumonia that tried to kill me and resulted in the fibro/cfs my body seems to have been attacking itself by all means possible – I also have rheumatoid arthritis, Raynauds and (thankfully mild) vitiligo. In my experience although it’s nice to have a diagnosis, and sometimes anti-inflammatories and/or steroids really are necessary when things become acute, all other medications can do as much harm as good and managing your energy levels and muscle fatigue through rest, diet, and appropriate exercise according to what your body tells you it needs is the best way forwards. If you ever want to chat about any of this Pia please drop me a line, you have my email x

    1. … og det er den søreme 🙂 Nu behøver jeg ikke længer at være anonym – det tog også kun lige et par måneder … tålmodighed …

      1. Tja, og jeg har stadig captcha på alle blogger blogs. Først skal jeg klikke i en box, så skal jeg gentage en række bogstaver (eller vælge et billede af suppe!!), så skal jeg klikke i boxen igen, og så kan jeg trykke på knappen.

        1. Også på min? Jeg har altså fjernet den slags, og kun sagt “nej tak” til anonyme kommentarer, eftersom et eller andet spam-community åbenbart synes min post om Sortemis er så herlig at den skal besøges op til 1.000 gange i døgnet og kommenteres ofte.

          Min fejl var vist af forsøge at lave en WP-blog. Den faldt jeg ikke i hak med, men nu har WP altså sat sig på adressen – og den kan ikke omdirrigeres trods flere forsøg 🙁
          Den morsomste chaptcha, jeg oplever er en tjekboks, hvor detr bare står “Jeg er ikke en robot”. Det er da humor.

          1. Også på din og på alle andres som siger de har slået det fra. Annie har checket at der ikke er flere ting hun kan finde at klikke på.

  3. I so envy you your loom, I long to learn to weave, so from where I’m sitting you are most definitely not a beginner and your work looks elegant and complicated 🙂

  4. Jubii det lader til at spam-fyrene efter et år eller mere nu endelig lader mig i fred. Jeg slår straks det hele fra igen. Så burde det altså virke. Ellers må jeg se om jeg kan installere den der kryds af her hvis du ikke er en robot-captcha. Den er da til at forstå 😉
    Til gengæld kan WP igen ikke forstå at min epostadresse er min, og ikke deres.

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