Tall cow


A name but not tame.
Don’t think with your emotions.
Baby has no pain.

The cruelty of men.
Flaying dogs in China, alive.
For your parka coat.

Death or castration?
The lions had a tender steak.
And it’s not Foie Gras.

Disclaimer: This animal was photographed 15 years ago and has quite possibly died from natural causes in the meantime

7 thoughts on “Tall cow

    1. Not for you specifically. 😉 I just happened to find this image on my disc while I was looking for something else.

      A lot of improvement could be made in so many places – also in zoos. If everybody had to get their own food with a bow and arrow, perhaps the perspective would change?

      1. it’s O.K. – no problem… btw, afterwards, I thought of the massacre of the Calderon dolphins around Feroe islands… 🙁 I’m quite skeptical but realistic about the near future perspective of our planet… I can’t imagine it “nice and safe” for our kids or grand-kids…
        * * *
        have a pleasant evening and friendly thoughts… Mélanie

    1. I don’t know, I’ve mentioned it a few times since I started in September! It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep it up daily…

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