Tagetes 1

First test dye with this flower, I began with this type, Tagetes tenuifolia “lemon gem”:


43 g of flowers to 25 g of alum/CoT mordanted yarn.

After 2 minutes in the lukewarm dye pot – do I see solar dyeing potential or what?!


I’m going to try the other variety I have on its own too, same procedure, to see if they are different, or if I can just toss it all in one pot. I’m also going to see if I can dry them and use later.

Tagetes 2

Tagetes 3



Første forsøg plukker jeg hver slags tagetes for sig og farver et enkelt fed for at se hvordan det ser ud. Flere tests følger! Jeg tror de vil egne sig godt til solfarvning, se blot grydebilledet, hvor garnfeddet har ligget 2 minutter i det lune farvebad!

Jeg har her brugt 43 g blomster og 25 g garn.

11 thoughts on “Tagetes 1

  1. Q – I LOVE that yellow. Super wow! Geeze, I have such a tiny yard, how do I squeeze in more plants? LOL!

    1. I thought I was moving towards a more muted colour spectrum, but this one I just want to keep here by the computer so I can look at it shine. It really is the exact colour of the flowers. And they smell nice too when you pick them, kinda citrusy.

  2. Amongst all the yellows you can get from plants, that’s a really special one, so vibrant, so glowing and happy!

    I’m growing Tagetes erecta this year, but I must say, it’s not a very nice looking plant, I much prefer the look of yours, I think I’ll try them next time instead.

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