Cleaning old paintings


Last week I mentioned that I’d tried out natural soap for cleaning a couple of very dirty old paintings that were left stranded in our hayloft.

These were not high quality art, presumably from the 1960’s or thereabouts, and I wasn’t trying to actually save them. I just wanted to see how it went and perhaps play a bit. So if you do this and paint comes off too, don’t blame me!

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Soap suds – sæbetest 2


Last month I received a gift of handmade, natural soaps and now that I’ve been using them I can definitely say that they keep their promise. In between cats, horses, paint, dye chemicals, gardening and the usual reasons, I wash my hands a lot and had been noticing that my knuckles have become very dry and scruffy over the winter. Now that is completely gone without any use of lotion, my hands are very soft again.

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Handmade soap – sæbetest

Nope, I have not fallen down another rabbithole.


Yesterday I received a nice little package in the mail from Uglemor aka “The Herbal Owl” aka “Soaplady“.

Jeg har ikke tillagt mig en ny hobby, men i går lå der i min postkasse en fin lille hilsen fra Sæbedamen, også kendt som Uglemor/Krydderuglen. Og jeg syntes lige jeg ville vise dem frem inden jeg begynder at bruge dem. Senere kommer et indlæg om min oplevelse af naturlige sæber – jeg skal jo lige ud og møge mig til før jeg kan prøve dem. Hvor er det skønt at få overraskelser med rigtig post ved siden af de sædvanlige 2 kg lokalaviser og skrammel!

I’ll write about them in two installments, today I’ll just show and tell, later when I’ve used them up I’ll tell you how I like them compared to commercial soaps. Normally we use liquid soap, but I’m interested in the non-chemical way as well as the medicinal properties one can combine in different soaps and ointments.

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