No dig update

I have in fact managed to fill every box this year, which was a bit of a surprise. That is, the homemade tomato green house is still waiting for plants, as the cucumbers need at least 15° C and it’s still about 5 at night here. Last year I built a smaller version from the remains of my windswept greenhouse, so I extended and added plastic. Perhaps it’ll blow off in the first storm, but it was worth a shot.


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Little green wonders: Asparagus.

Last year I planted asparagus, and I know I’m not supposed to pick any until next summer, to give them strength to grow big enough to sustain harvest. But I just had to go and try one. Only ONE.

Huge mistake. OMG that was amazing, I’m never ever going to buy these from a shop again. Next summer I’ll live on them, and strawberries. In the meantime I’ll gaze at them longingly, as they poke their stems above ground to taunt me…

The greenhouse having collapsed I have no homegrown tomatoes or cucumbers this year, so I’ve sown some snack carrots just to have something.

How do you like to eat your asparagus?


Elderflower cordial.saft1

The shops were all out of organic lemons, so I also made a batch with oranges and one with mint! A bit of an experiment, but I’m happy to report that it tastes really great.

It’s been a couple of years since last, so I thought it was time, we have a lot of elders right now, they spread like weeds. I’ll wait for autumn and make a batch with the berries too, it’s really good in winter, hot with lemon, ginger and honey if you have a cold, don’t want one or just need heating up. And then I’ll cut some of them down, because, well, there’ll be more. If I don’t keep them in check we’ll be known as Elderberry Jungle Farm.

Link to “nettle energy drink”

I’ve been making other stuff too – stay tuned. I’ve finally had time and “presence” to start painting a bit again this week! But not much, still have that hedge to cut.


Det var et par år siden sidst, så jeg fik lige lyst til at lave lidt saft, siden vi har rigtig mange hyld for tiden, de breder sig som ukrudt.

Butikkerne var helt udgåede for usprøjtede citroner, så jeg lavede også en portion med appelsiner og en med mynte. Det blev virkelig godt! Til efteråret skal jeg lige have lavet lidt bærsaft også, det er rigtig godt varmt med citron, ingefær og honning. Og så ryger nogen af planterne altså, inden vi helt drukner i dem.