New hobby

I needed one like birds need boots, you say?

Well, it’s something I’ve thought about for years, long before my health crashed, long before weaving. 40 years if you count my playtime in the woods, but seriously contemplating it for quite some time.

I think I’ve even mentioned NOT doing it in this blog, yes, here.

AND I’m fed up with the regular exercises from the PT, AND I feel like I should get it off my bucket list now, not when I’m 65 years downhill with unknown issues. Since I’ve already been made plenty aware that such exists.

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Between the ears

“You can see what man made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse”

In between not feeling so good this summer and again pretty crummy since last week, I had made the decision it was time to get fitter again after three years of doing nearly nothing. Well, the decision has been longer in development as such, but apparently it was time. Really really. Apart from the new problems, my back is killing me slowly, so I just have to find ways to make it stronger.

So I brushed off my boots, tack and the oldest brown pony (21) and got on. We had some absolutely beautiful, still, sunny days, perfect motivation to get started when you live in a wind tunnel.

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Butterfly effect

Make sure you watch all of this – it’s not quite over when you think it is…


All things by immortal power,
Near and Far – Hiddenly
To each other linked are,
That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star.

                                Francis Thompson