Little green wonders: Carrots

I remember sowing some carrots this summer, but then the dry, hot weather, my back and other issues, my laissez-faire attitude about growing what can grow and not spend too much paid water, simply made me forget because for a long time nothing much happened. And we all know how thistles and such will thrive under any weather conditions, so I’d given up on them.

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Little green wonders: Potatoes

Just a promised update on those baking potatoes that I threw in the manure/compost no-dig beds and which have produced such and abundance of leaves over the summer, no water, no care at all.

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Little green wonders: Tomatoes

Yes, green.

I didn’t have much luck with my tomatoes this year.

First, since my greenhouse died, I had to plant them outside when it was really a bit too chilly. Since I knew the demolition team would ruin them in the window.

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Little green wonders: Asparagus.

Last year I planted asparagus, and I know I’m not supposed to pick any until next summer, to give them strength to grow big enough to sustain harvest. But I just had to go and try one. Only ONE.

Huge mistake. OMG that was amazing, I’m never ever going to buy these from a shop again. Next summer I’ll live on them, and strawberries. In the meantime I’ll gaze at them longingly, as they poke their stems above ground to taunt me…

The greenhouse having collapsed I have no homegrown tomatoes or cucumbers this year, so I’ve sown some snack carrots just to have something.

How do you like to eat your asparagus?