More poems and spin progress


I have no idea why these things have started to land in my head, since it’s very out of character, but I’m having fun while it lasts. And making sure I have a small notepad/pen in every jacket and bag I might carry.

It’s a bit fascinating that you can in fact describe your whole day like this, and I’m also intrigued to find out whether I can eventually become any good if I keep it up. My previous experience in these matters is basically knowing one limerick by heart… And now, ever since I had the notion yesterday, my brain is completely set up to think 5-7-5!


Trees groan against grey.
A sea of susurration.
Red boots keep walking.

Fallen giant is now
tree stump troll with hair of grass.
Storm debris in the rain.

Another dark day.
I think the couch is calling.
Too tired to doodle.

Finding my ponies
in a dark and stormy night
is no easy quest.


Both blues are done now.
Working on the purple batt.
Jumbo flyer – lace whorl. 😉

funyarn03 funyarn02