Keep going

Another two months since my last exercise update. G started work again in Feb. so until the evening light came back on courtesy of daylight savings, our brisk walks were reduced to weekends or not at all because of sucky weather. I simply don’t get up enough steam when walking alone, a long legged companion is just the thing for keeping your pace! So crosstraining it is, which of course isn’t as time consuming or needs to be coordinated, so I get more studio projects done finally. Sometimes. I did imagine I’d feel more improvement on the energy front by now, find that second wind.

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Exercise update

Just thought I’d let you in on how I was doing with my self torture project of becoming slightly fitter: I’m still at it, I’m pleased to say. I can do brisk 1 hour walks most days of the week now, and without my hips or knees crying halfway through, pulse down from 150 to 130; or 20 min on the crosstrainer at level 5 (started out at 2-3, 10 minutes). Physical antics leave me pretty exhausted most days, and sweaty as a galley slave. Sometimes I simply do short bursts at a very high setting for 5 minutes, then collapse on the floor panting, but not as dripping wet.

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