Dear diary


As you’ve noticed, I don’t have much to tell these days, but since my loom room remains under siege so often, I’m going to make an effort down here in the office rather than just sit around and wait for opportunity.

  • Patience is not about waiting; it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in.

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Proof of pie

This is what I did today. No recipe, I just threw some things together for a glutenfree crumble. Almonds, coconut and stuff. I had a bit too much of both crumble and rhubarb, so I made a smaller one with a muscovado/molasses sugar just to try it.

G installed edges to my no dig bed, we got them for free from one of his shooting buddies. Gets a bit easier to control the lawn this way, and perhaps I can install a second layer some time to make things easier on my back. In the future, the boxes should go in first obviously, to not have to do any digging, but at that time we didn’t have any.


And some random point / shoot garden shots testing the new to me pocket cam, some of the functions don’t work the way I’d like, or rather, it seems the macro function is wonky. And sometimes in the sun you’re not pointing where you think you are! But then I would not have seen that decorative cloud, so all good. And the strawberry harvest is going to be amazing if I can keep the crows out. Now I’ll just make the guacamole for dinner and no more of housey stuff today. Basta. This is turning into a very everydaily blog, isn’t it? I’m not even reading anything awfully interesting at the moment, I’m between books. I may look at Pema Chödrön next. Unless I just grab a Pratchett….