So quiet


I’m not in a good place at the moment and have nothing much to say. I quit Facebook and my brief intermezzo with Twitter, I’m unsubbing various newsletters as they appear in my mailbox. Reducing the noise. Focus on the work. Whatever that is.

Perhaps I’ll post the occasional project photo, probably can’t resist. In any case I’ll leave it all up since I have quite a few people looking at the plant dye articles. Funny how they turned out to be the most popular ones! There will be likes on your blogs, I’m not going away, I just may not have anything interesting to contribute.

In fact, becoming wordless could prove an interesting exercise overall.

25 thoughts on “So quiet

  1. Jeg hÃ¥ber søreme at du ikke helt forsvinder. Det er godt at høre fra dig af og til. Jeg hÃ¥ber, du fÃ¥r det bedre med tiden. Twitter har aldrig sagt mig det helt store, men FB vil jeg nødigt undvære pga alle de gode grupper der er der. Rawelry klan ikke alt 😉

  2. Sorry to read this – though I must admit to sharing some of your feelings. I keep threatening to cut down on my on-line activity, so much of it seems rather pointless and uses up time that could be better spent crafting! Enjoy your period of silence and come back refreshed when you are ready.

  3. Silence can be good for the soul…and recovering lost momentum.
    Post when you want and know that we are out there ready to read when you are ready.
    Ps driving to the cabin today and have my fingers crossed that the cold weather did not destroy all the lovely marigolds you so kindly shared with me.

  4. (((Hugs))) I’m sorry you are feeling low. I haven’t known you long, but I would miss you if you fell away into silence. As for interesting – you are interesting, whatever you have to say.

    1. I wish this was a productive break, but alas…

      Doesn’t help any that my dad went in for a sudden quadruple bypass this week, me having had chest pains since July!

  5. enjoy the silence – I understand it completely, as I am having a similar period myself (I’m practising what it feels like not to push myself all the time so hard to get everything I want to do done…). But I’m certainly looking forward to hearing how your life is going every now and then, when you feel up to it! Take care and hope you’ll find yourself in a better place soon.

      1. sorry I can see that sentence didn’t make sense! What I meant is that I have been experimenting with trying to do less and see if it is helps me get over my fatigue. I’m typically an “over-doer”, meaning if I have any spare bit of energy I tend to spend it on something as fast as I can, resulting in a crash. So this year I’ve intentionally tried to avoid that pattern, try to ignore all those things I (a) have to do and (b) want to do and instead see if it helps if spend a bit more time just being lazy.

          1. ah I see, sarcasm is sometimes hard to detect on a screen, but now I finally get your comment 😉

            sadly, this strategy didn’t really do much – it’s been a good and necessary learning lesson, but hasn’t unfortunately done the trick. Plus it was quite boring. So I’ve given up that particular plan. Meanwhile, my search for a cure/treatment/behavioural strategy that actually works continues…

          2. Well, if you happen across one that deals with the Anxiety monster for good, I’ll buy.

          3. Well in my case at least I’ve found NLP-based techniques most effective for that (I’m doing the version taught in the video-based Gupta programme for CFS). I often wake up during the night panicking for no reason at all, and I use those techniques to calm down and it definitely works. Unfortunately it hasn’t “cured” me and it does take some commitment, but if I don’t use the techniques I do start going downhill, so it’s definitely doing something.

  6. I hope things get better soon. I was feeling pretty crappy this summer over various experiences/issues, and it’s so hard to feel overwhelmed by so many things that, for one reason or another, aren’t blog or internet-worthy. Well, this is how it went for me, anyway– I hope this internet break / retreat brings you whatever it is that you need to to get to a good place.

    1. Thanks for your well wishes. 🙂 In fact things are not lighting up, on the contrary, and I fear that what I thought 3 years ago to be an extreme reaction to prolonged stress has now returned and is in fact permanent, which is a bitter pill to swallow. Just goesw to show, you can never predict or control anything in life.

      1. So sorry, Pia, to hear about that bitter pill 🙁 Just remember, right now it may feel like it’s permanent, but there’s always hope, the chances are one day you will be better even if it takes much longer than you’d like. Meanwhile, just hang in there and lots of sympathy from me!

        1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Although we’re not in exactly the same place, I know you understand how undermining these things can be.

          Well, at least I’m making progress on my wooly sweaters during the meanwhile. 😉 I’d just started riding again last week after three years and it was so great – now I just can’t make myself, drat it.

          1. Oh, that’s terrible. 🙁 Life can be unpredictable in such disappointing ways. I’m glad you’re able to work on the sweater, though, I hope the work is gratifying in some way even as things continue to not lighten up. Sending lots of thoughts of comfort and healing to you.

          2. Thank you sweetie. <3

            I did manage to get in a ride yesterday, but I'm having to relearn what it was I did back then when trying to "ignore" the feelings and keep doing things despite the agony. Just staying in bed for weeks isn't the recipe I think.

          3. Last dream of many I had last night was that one of our neighbours had awild wolf in their new dog pen (which I saw in passing yesterday, containing a black lab 😉 ) It was huge, like a lion. Then I noticed it had injuries and cuts. What do you make of that? The night before one of my old cats came to visit, one that died too early in life. So I don’t get much rest day or night, LOL!

          4. Oh! What an intriguing dream. Well, my first impulse is to say that your wild woman– the wolf- your true creative nature is injured. Not sure what caused the injury, but now you have to remain “caged” until you heal. Which obviously isn’t jiving with you.. anything that is wild HATES being penned up. Even if you give a wild animal its minimum requirement for territory, it will still sulk and pace. I suppose your dream is saying exactly what you said before, you have to remember to allow healing time after an adventure, otherwise you’ll feel caged up. I think perhaps the old cat came to comfort you, and maybe offer some “medicine” as if anyone knows how to rest– cats totally know.

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