No selfies today

A couple of kind souls reached out to me after my last post to assure me that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my looks or my age, when I said that I don’t do selfies. And it’s so nice to receive this kind of support!

But confidence isn’t the reason actually.

While it’s true that I consider myself inconspicuous at best, it’s not a major concern for me apart from getting used to the recent extra baggage. The reason I don’t do selfies is that I think it’s an utterly silly trend, and I have nothing, zero, that I want to say or present in that manner. (apart from hats, which worked just nicely from the back, yeah?) Call me contrary, it wouldn’t be the first time. I just refuse to play AT ALL. Because.

I also value my privacy. There are 600ish followers on this blog I think, but who knows, one day there might be 60.000?!!! 😁 Maybe I should have a backup plan for a huge wig like Sia, or excessive photo makeup (that might be a hoot since I never learned how to apply it) so that I can frequent my local supermarket without being followed around by mad farm boys.

It’s been almost a decade since anyone actually asked to take my picture, but there are at least 3 stray ones of me in here, so if someone is really intent they can go fish.

I other words I don’t actually care overly much about being pretty, because smart as a whip is so much more fulfilling.

And now I had an idea that it might be fun to do a series of Picassoed self portraits, photos cut up and put back together in weird colours. Just because. Or maybe I’ll just do it to the cats.

20 thoughts on “No selfies today

  1. I agree with you. privacy is a big issue and well, ‘seeing’ you is through in your writing and by the crafts you do.

  2. I agree with you about all of this – being smart, protecting your privacy, and the ridiculous trend of selfies. I feel like Alaa that I see you clearly through your words and works. I don’t really care at all what you look like.

    1. They say that if you want to make online sales of your creations, customers need to be able to relate to you by seeing your face. That is my biggest conundrum. To make more sales on my face value I would need to visit a pro makeup artist and photographer, as I have one of those faces that look ok live but like a serial killer on photos. I’m also blessed with a family who cannot figure out how to push the button until you’ve worn your fake smile for at least 30 seconds and closed your eyes, LOL.

      I personally don’t care what people look like either, I care how we interact. I want to know beautiful souls, not facades.

    1. Og så ser jeg også altid underlig ud på billeder. Hvis du har set Friends – og selv om du ikke har – så tænker jeg straks på afsnittet med Chandler, der er ufotgen. Sådan føler jeg mig, og du har det åbenbart på samme måde 😉
      (Jeg havde en teenagedatter på det rigtige tidspunkt).

      1. Jeg har set enkelte afsnit, men ikke det du nævner. Der er bare nogen mennesker som er naturlige stjerner foran et kamera, og så er der nogen der ikke er det. Det har ofte ikke noget med deres fysiske skønhed at gøre, men eftersom jeg generelt venter til alle er gået før jeg klikker (fandens besværligt i et turistområde), så er det ikke et fænomen jeg har forsket i.

  3. “And now I had an idea that it might be fun to do a series of Picassoed self portraits, photos cut up and put back together in weird colours.”

    That is great idea!!

  4. I laughed out loud on that line about “smart as a whip”–you GO, girl!! I complete agree about the idiocy of selfies–such self-absorption!

  5. Pia, I understand completely! Sometimes here on the blog, there may be a photo of one of us ‘doing something’, throwing hay or cutting wood but taking a photo just to present our mugs is not for me either! I don’t have facebook and sense that it is a place to uncover every little moment of a person’s life ( I know that it can be useful for social networking) but it is too exposing for me. I’m happy with the older, more wrinkly, version of myself but it’s whats happening inside my noggin that I find best to share!

    1. I wouldn’t mind that kind of photos as much – alas, I do most things alone and even when not I’m the only one I know with an interest in taking photos, and I’m not of a mind to actually ask to have it done!

  6. Yes to all of that. I have posted photos a couple of times – once on my blog, once on instagram, but I’m completely uninterested in other people’s selfies and can’t think why anyone would be interested in mine.

    1. It can be nice when you get to know someone online, to also be introduced visually, as a way of feeling “closer” – beyond that I don’t need repeats. But weekly or more, making poses just for showing oneself – huh? (same goes for pretty food or coffee patterns and whatever – but to each her own) If I want to buy something online I also don’t care about a face to go with the product, but apparently some people disagree, I don’t know it it’s most.

      It wouldn’t be easier for me to model a handknit sweater myself than to drag Mimi outside, but for some it might, so it’s not as if I DISlike seeing photos of people, obviously.

      I also don’t have photos of my relatives displayed in my home. I mean, I remember what they look like just fine. 😉

      1. I’m late responding to this – I’m just so bloody tired at the moment. I agree with everything you’ve said, though I do enjoy posting images of food occasionally, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, though! Oddly enough I don’t have photos of relatives or friends displayed either. And throughout my relationship with Dave we have rarely taken photos of each other.

        1. Yeah, why bother when you are around each other every day, right?

          I hope your “spell” wears off soon – one more hour of daylight already around here! But I have a bit of trouble in the mornings atm. I’ve been enjoying your little paintings, always liked the ones with a story and odd characters.

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