New experiment

This is a texture experiment with crackle paste on a thin mdf panel, 40×40 cm. It was done a while ago, but I forgot about blogging entirely for a while; I think possibly I wanted to finish the other 6 panels in the series first, but that is not how things generally work around here, so they are still to de done when I have completed a little science project which I’ll be talking about shortly.

I’ve since moved on to 6 mm mdf panels that I cut out myself, to avoid the tendency to bend when texture paste is applied, but way, way cheaper than cradled boards. I have a collection of ideas for framing these panels later, should the need arise, but this way I feel more free to play without fear of disaster and waste of materials.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the colours in this one, so it’s been doing great hanging on my own wall for a little while, to make sure the corners don’t curve (which could have otherwise been fixed with a frame, since the panel is still flexible despite the thick layers).


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