Monday, Monday

Woke up, no headache, with the weirdest sentence in my head. While still in a fog it seemed deeply profound to me, so I decided to repeat it until I could write it down. Now I’m all, WTF? “We operate in the narrow strip between tranquility and normal life”. Um, right….. Who? 😕

I’m feeling a bit odd after last week’s various exertions, not anxiety but something close, like not knowing which foot to put down first. Thinking about some of the topics that came up here as well as related talks on friends’ blogs. You all know who you are, thanks for being so amazingly in sync!

What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll tell you. I neglected to ask for a gap in the middle, so that I don’t have to trundle all the way around this row and back up the other side to get to the veggies behind!

So, what the hey do I do now that I have no chores and no headaches? Let’s make the most of this week, shall we? Paint, weave, spin, the list is long. Doesn’t matter which one I begin with, really, what matters is getting on a roll and stay. Heal. The LYS is having a sale later. With cake. (I shouldn’t eat the cake). First I’ll be waiting for the postman to bring me an extra loom, usually they are here early on Mondays. Ooops, I promised myself to do one load of laundry! No biggie. Just one look on the used items page to search for a jack loom, then I’ll get my butt out of this chair, it’s 08:19, I’ve been reading enough interwebs. Closed nearly all my tabs, job well done! 😉

  • monday01Used loom ads check – check
  • Laundry in machine – check
  • Winding hanks of yarn into cakes while glaring sternly at the driveway to reveal postman – 1 down, 10 to go, noticed the time. Because these things can be done when I’m tired, painting cannot.
  • Postman delivery – what, no?!
  • Clearing worktable – new tablecloth, no more RED!  – check (incidentally, how do you unwrinkle a plastic cloth, you know, the kind with fabric on the back? Oilcloth? Left it folded up all w-e… And it stinks….)
  • Having leftover potato salad and a tomato for breakfast, in front of the window. Did not conjure up the postman.

Time: 09:50

The thing about chores is, I don’t really mind them, as long as I get to do my other things. I do not want them to be my second full time job however.

  • Hang laundry – check
  • Read blogs – check


  • monday02Trying to get restarted on the micro canvasses, pretending to ignore stink from table cloth. Pick 6 off the wall I wanted to finish next, can’t really remember what I meant to do. Do something else just to get the paint flowing? Hungry. Ha, go away procrastinator, you ate already.
  • Need more whites, running out soon. Shut up.
  • lervad01Read in the garden instead? This sometimes helps, because if my brain is scattery it will try to get out of reading by throwing images at me. Not today, however.

12:25 Postman been with loom and gone. I can put on painterly clothes now and not scare anyone.

  • lervad02Yarn shop open, not in the mood. Money saved.
  • List and plan weaving projects, find yarn, get brain reorganized – tomorrow? Play with new loom!
  • Mend torn bed sheet – later
  • Brush and walk the dog – in a minute
  • Photo lupins take 1 – check

15:30 Tired. Using blog post to procrastinate. Get off and hunker down with some task, any task, now! Something easy, no stress. 2 hours, then dogwalk.

All in all a pretty scattered day with too much web clicking so far – but I’m happy to be on my feet and ignoring the floor and various other surfaces 😉 It always takes me some time to change gears even when I know I simply need to do it, not think it. I’ll get up to speed eventually.

Question is, if I’m too preoccupied with the loom to focus on the painting and simply need to give in and have a go at that first. It’s the same type that I already have but with a much finer reed, I’m hoping it will be suitable for my purple warp. And it’s always nice to be able to sample things even if you have a slow project on one loom. I have plans to turn in into an optional multishaft loom too.


15 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Så sejt at du har fået en væv nummer to. Og hvor herligt at høre at der sker andet end nullermændsjagt. Din besynderlige sætning fra i morges lyder som en af de der sæbeboble-drømme-ting, der er smukke og runde lige til man rører ved dem.
    Voksdug bliver glat med stræk og varme. Så læg den på et havebord med dugklemmer i siderne – så får du også luftet stanken væk 😉 Jeg tror jeg slæber min væv ud i haven, det er da lige vejr til den slags udendørs.

    1. Der er faktisk et stavær med til den her, så det kan jeg også! Skal bare lige finde ud af, hvordan man fastgør trenden med de der kamme-fiduser på bommene. Det har jeg ikke set før.

      1. Jeg kom til at tænke på, at det lyder som om jeg har enormt rengøringsvanvid. Det er faktisk ikke tilfældet, jeg når bare aldrig ret meget inden jeg bliver træt, og så er det lige skidt når jeg vågner. Alting roder på et splitsekund. Katte og hunde slæber grus ind i poterne og fælder.

        1. Rengøring er det, man ikke ser når det bliver gjort og omvendt 😉 Af og til må man bare have sit nullermands-filter til kalibrering, så man ikke enten ser nullermænd overalt eller også slet ikke ser dem. Bare det gik lige så hurtigt at ryddo op som at svine til.

          1. Når jeg ikke kan gå på bare tæer, fordi der hænger for meget i, så er det tid til at i det mindste feje! Og så har jeg jo lige stald og den slags udenoms, det er ofte der det halter, jeg når simpelthen ikke derned på listen inden der igen er grus i sofaen… (eller blod i hele huset fordi Leo havde muntret sig med en mosegris) Bliver der dynget for mange ting op på samtlige overflader kan jeg ikke koncentrere mig til sidst, jeg har nogen gange truet med at rydde mit eget væk og lægge herrens i hans seng, så kan han jo se om det haster eller ej 😉

  2. i have programmed my computer to shut off at a certain time (in fact it shuts down in 23 minutes as i post this!), or i waste a lot of time too!! makes me realize how much i got done in the “olden days”–as much as i love being “here” there is a real world we need to deal and do with! 🙂

    1. I think I’m too much of a control freak to let a timer decide for me, but it’s a very good idea. Perhaps a chance to work out that spine a little bit…

  3. I found the sentence from your dream very interesting. If it comes from the fog between dream (tranquility) and waking (normal life), then it is describing its own origin. ?? Is it your own subconcious insights?

    1. I wish I could remember if there was a context. It would be fun to train this muscle a bit and see what else would like to be said. Perhaps it could end up as some weird form of poetry?

  4. I think we all have days like that – just hard to settle down. You will, though, adnthe paintings and weavings will be fabulous. can’t believe you resisted an LYS trip, though. 🙂 Also, so jealous abotu hte lupine,s and were those lilacs in your photo? Ours are weeks away, I think. I did see a bud on the lupine in the field, but mostly we have just leaves so far. And the lilacs, usually just coming into bloom this week are laughing at us for even thinking about it. Buds are barely visible. I think everything will bloom at once, in July this year…

    1. Must be residual stress, I just could not make myself dress properly and go face a horde of middle aged women in a very cramped space, LOL. (not my favourite at the best of times) I have a teeny tiny regret today, but such is life.

      We get everything earlier this year, weather is its own master!

  5. Oh drat, now I’ve gone and put The Mamas and The Papas in my head for the rest of the day probably.

    Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
    Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
    Oh, Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be…

  6. I have days like that too. At the end of it I ask myself ‘what did I achieve today’. The answer is usually ‘not a lot, but I started quite a few things.’ No matter there is always tomorrow.

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