4 thoughts on “Master

    1. I don’t understand French, but I can guess what it’s about. And, well. While I dislike the fact they’re breeding babies to get more audience for the zoo, there would be no zoo if they didn’t. If there were no zoos, more animals would become extinct by the poor way we manage our world. Killing him, such a cute thing? Sad, yes. But I’m not a vegetarian, and anyone who eats meat really has no right to complain. Pigs for instance are very intelligent animals, at least Marius had a good life while he had it.

      I am more outraged at how we treat nature and animals OUTSIDE of the zoos, than by one animal. This happens in nature too, a lion could have gotten him. Every day. It’s what lions do.

        1. Actually I’m curious to know what makes 1 giraf more valuable than the millions of healthy cattle that are slaughtered every day worldwide? It’s cute, but so are cows, and a giraf is essentially a really tall cow. Would you be upset if it was a goat? Lions don’t eat tofu, you know…

          We could close all zoos (trust me, they all do this) – and then the remaining animals would not be put into a truck and hauled back to Africa, they would join Marius, be sure of that.

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