Let there be light

I’ve been complaining about the dark – and earlier this year too. Probably some other posts as well that fortunately I can’t remember. Then I complained about the sun!


So I had to try out the concept I mentioned of blocking glare but not light and that works like a charm, I just can’t make it permanent because himself hates curtains. As it happens I had a really hideous one in my fabric stash (don’t ask me why I even have such a thing), no idea where from. A stick, two large cup hooks and voila. It’s only the one window, low winter sun shining a spotlight right at me. Well, now it’s more welcome than ever.


It’s funny how I keep getting all these ideas to solve the obstacles between myself and crafting; and then I keep not doing anything much. Nothing else of use forthcoming in the way of inspiration. I still haven’t decided when to call it a day and let the diagnoses take over. Possibly I’ve simply been so muddled by fantasies of art making that I’ve totally missed my calling as an inventor, LOL. But in the meantime I think at least my setup is functioning on most levels, finally!

I know, another pointless post. What can I say, they keep me awake for a little while every day! 😉

10 thoughts on “Let there be light

    1. It’s funny, I love problem solving nearly as much as crafting. Next up will be “how to fit in more books without cluttering”.

  1. De gardiner giver mig japanske associationer. Jeg er heller ikke meget for gardiner, men en dag som i dag hvior den lavthængende sol lyste mig lige ind i øjnene blev jeg nu alligevel glad for at de fandtes 😉
    Sikke et herligt arbejdssted, du har der., det ser meget inspirerende ud. Måske er det bare et anfald af Græsset er grønnere …

    1. Jeg har efterhånden fået indrettet huset rimelig godt til mine aktiviteter, så selvom jeg kan sukke over yndige atelierbilleder fra nær og fjern, så har jeg faktisk ikke flere undskyldninger ud over manglende evner og koncentration. Så nu må jeg lære at slutte fred med den krop snart, så vi ikke render i vejen for hinanden hele tiden!

  2. Have you ever read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? I just started reading it last night and am finding that the whole concept is resonating with me. Curious if you have and what your thoughts are.

    Love the painting. Sorry about curtains, but yay they work!

    1. I’ve read it and found it interesting – but rather hastily as it was in a pile of library books which had to go back within 30 days. I may have a look at it some other time, although I’m not very good at following a programme and doing exercises, my brain shuts down and the same thing happens as with all other daily intentions, be it daily postcards or meditation: as Sarah put it once, I get this urge to go smoke behind the bike shed; or I simply keep putting it off. (no I don’t actually smoke, never have)

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