Just mordant

For those of you experienced in plant dyeing, this is nothing new, but I thought I’d post an image of mordanted yarns to show the colours you can achieve from that alone. It’s not a complete collection, no iron mordant for instance, just what I happened to have on hand today. šŸ˜‰ And an unmordanted skein on the right.


I’ll return to my semi-regular schedule probably, when I’m done ruminating over having to put my 3 y.o. cat to sleep yesterday. And I’ve just now realised I don’t really have much in the way of photos…. šŸ™

Dalton 2011
Dalton 2011

16 thoughts on “Just mordant

  1. so sorry about Dalton. take your time and mourn you buddy – we’ll be here when you are ready again.
    ps love seeing the pictures of what the mordant does.

  2. Losing him at such a young age is tough. Experience and process your feelings. The blogoverse will still be here.

    By the way I had no idea that mordant would change the colour of fabric like that.

  3. Tough having to have a kitty put to sleep — especially when so young. My condolences. Good to give yourself some time to mourn.

    1. That is such a lovely thought and one that really resonates with me. And even internet communities are sometimes much closer and genuine than your local one! I truly appreciate the interaction I have via blogs and fora, I feel that I know some of you quite well and find myself wondering when someone stops posting for a while.

    1. Thanks. I do miss his fat bellywag leading the way on our routine evening hay delivery in the horse paddock and good morning cuddles.

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