Give-away WINNER

It’s time, folks, I don’t think we have the patience here to wait for potential stragglers. šŸ˜‰

SmallWhen I first posted this offer, I wondered how I’d feel if nobody responded, an interesting experiment in itself. And then replies began trickling in and it was in fact much worse: Now I feel guilty about not giving to EVERYBODY! I mean, you’re my pals and all.

So I’d like to thank you for playing along, truly, response from my cosy little audience here on the interwebs is way better than winning an Oscar.

But we have to get to it. There are 12 unique replies to the thread and I simply used one of those online number pickers to make my decision.


Counting from the top … and the winner is: Debby. Congratulations! You’ve picked “Small” but it’s ok to change your mind – send me a note with snail mail address etc. on the Contact page (because we hates email spammers) and we’ll get this underway!

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