Empty skies

I can’t help but feeling that the landscapes I’m making in my skies project are too empty. I keep wanting to make something happen. Last night before sleeping I had the notion of adding a whale flying by, held up by red balloons (not very original, I know. Don’t you just hate it when you decide to google one of your ideas and it’s all over the place already?) Or perhaps little stone trolls in some corner? It seems to me all the images are holding their breath….

This is perhaps silly since these are exercises in painting environments and clouds, simple as that. A tool to help me create more complicated images later. But why not indulge, it is after all how I am.

Shamelessly stolen from an English hillside and Photoshopped to taste the concept.
Shamelessly stolen from an English hillside and Photoshopped to taste the concept. Not sure my skills are up to the job IRL but I like it much better now. (I didn’t google this one, to prevent a nervous breakdown *EG*)

15 thoughts on “Empty skies

  1. Very creative!!! I understand and avoid googling when I have an idea (usually for stock photography) because I don’t want to know. Several people can have the same idea … that doesn’t make it copying. Anyway I think this idea is better than the whale idea!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I think I’m going ahead with this one, it’s like the chalk horse broke free of the hills below, and it makes me happy somehow.

  2. Pia, this one spoke to me immediately. Maybe it is because it is the chalk horse and it spoke to my little druidic heart – but the concept of it breaking free and galloping into the skies is just inspired. Love it. This artistic path you are walking feels magical.

  3. Jo, jeg kender ogsÃ¥ det der med at fÃ¥ en genial idé bare for at opdage at ma er nummer 25. Men ogsÃ¥ følelsen af at være den første. Det er meget underligt, for man tænker – den her idé er bare sÃ¥ indlysende. Hvorfor ligger det billede ikke pÃ¥ nettet? Jeg elsker den lille hvide hest, lad den endelilg flyve. Dine billeder fÃ¥r mig altid til at tænke pÃ¥ senge. De 9 himmelbilleder og overskriften fik “Everywhere you go always take the weather with you” til at køre rundt i mit hoved resten af dagen. Jeg er bange for at den her er “Min lille hest (en vej gÃ¥r ind i himlen, hvor jeg bor)”

    1. Lalalalalalalala jegholdermigforørernejegkanikkehørenoget.

      Ikke putte den slags ind i min hjerne, please. 😉 Sjovt at du tænker pÃ¥ musik, for jeg plejer at sige min bror fik alle de musikalske gener. Jeg vil bare have, der skal være helt stille hele tiden. Men mÃ¥ske kan jeg noget med sang alligevel. 😉

  4. I love it. But then I’m a sucker for the whimsical wherever I can find it. Don’t you think that adding something in the sky helps make the depth of the skyness even more vivid? That’s how it seems to me.

    1. Yes – like looking at the stars a very clear, dark night, you get sucked right out into space. Incredible, dizzying multidimensional feeling.

  5. I like where you’re going with this! I love flying animals. Actually, I wrote a poem dedicated to my husband about floating whales… which I will post in the A-Z happenings in April. It just flowed out of me and I loved the idea so much that it’s tucked away, maybe to be painted some day. But I didn’t know it’s common!! Husband and I think of things all the time and then we google them and … *sad trombone*.

    I’m excited to see more.

    And I do think Google inflates the idea that things are common. It’s good to check once in a while but yes, if it’s going to make you cray-cray, just have fun with it first!

    1. I’m going to have to trust my process more, be more in a cocoon until I’m on firmer ground. Otoh finding out that someone already did my idea makes me stretch and figure out something else!

  6. Love it. Here’s an idea that might give you some further inspiration – without necessarily having to “steal” other ideas. http://cloudappreciationsociety.org/ – especially check out their Photo Gallery (scroll down a little on the front page and there’s a pic on the right with this heading) and then go to the ‘Clouds that look like things’ page. Might give you an idea of ways to extrapolate. Or at least some interesting clouds to look at.

  7. Q – I really like you idea! Giving so much space to the sky is perfect, the whimsical horse gives the impression that he is soaring into “the wild blue yonder”.

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