“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
– Douglas Adams

I knew already by Thursday that today’s planned post wasn’t going to make it – in fact I think this is going to be a kind of short story week overall. So how about I make a little series of “inside the studio” situational images until I have something finished to show, alternatively to say?

20 tanker om “Whoosh

  1. What are you weaving at the moment? It’s a very interesting structure. Smooth yet patterned. What is hespetre/garnvinne called in Danish? I like your modern one, are there four arms? Much simpler construction than the old ones. At least the old Norwegian ones.

    1. I think it’s a crepe pattern, it’s 12 shafts from handweaving.net with my own twist. I needed to use up a warp and thought I might as well test the structure. (I think maybe I put up the draft in an earlier post?)

      My swift is not a Danish design, I made it myself from something which seems to be called an Amish swift. The four pegs move so that you can fit hanks of different sizes. I’ll find or take a photo for you later in the week, today I’m simply too exhausted after a walk in the forest! (which was lovely since the sun is out for a change)

      1. So swift us the English name, what about Danish? Same as Norwegian, albeit with Danish spelling?

        Oh, sun! It’s been weeks since we saw it. Enough grey skies already!

          1. Brukes hespetre som skjellsord i Danmark? Egenrådige kvinner kalles ofte det, særlig de som ikke viser hensyn til andre. Sjelden brukt om menn, om i det hele tatt.

  2. I find the images very inspirational! They make me want to jump in and start something. Although in my own life, I have a lot piled up with very little action going on.
    That weaving is gorgeous.

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